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  • Roofer certifications

    What Goes Into Roofing Certification?

    Roofing Certifications One thing that you’ll notice when looking for roofing companies in the DFW area is that many of them have certifications. We at Town and Country Roofing are one of those, as we have full accreditation from Owens Corning. Roofing certification entails more than a fancy mark or a sign that someone has […]

  • roof condensation

    How Does Condensation Build On a Roof? (and How to Reduce It)

    How Does Condensation Build On a Roof? (and How to Reduce It) One thing we’ve noticed on roofs over the years is that they often develop lots of condensation. A roof can wear out if there’s too much condensation. But, the good news is, you can control how much condensation develops around your roof. You […]

  • Roof Dead Load

    What is “Dead Load” on a Roof?

    What Is the Dead Load on a Roof? A roof must be capable of supporting enough weight. The roof should handle weight well enough without anything breaking apart or wearing. The covering can last for years to come. You have to look at how well your roof can support its dead load. Whereas the structural […]

  • House Bill 2102

    House Bill 2102 – Payment of HomeOwners Insurance Deductibles

    Have You Heard of House Bill 2102? Have you heard of House Bill 2102? If you have been waiting to replace or repair your roof, you need to know that in Texas, a new law has been passed concerning roof repair and replacement services. Beginning the first of September in 2019, HB 2102 is a […]

  • roofing shingles

    How To Remove Shingles

    Removing Shingles for Repair or Replacement You’ll need to get plenty of shingles on your roof removed when you’re fixing the surface. But the shingles have to be torn off the right way. Failing to remove these shingles well enough can cause damage to the roof. Our experts at Town and Country Roofing can help […]

  • historic roof

    Repairing or Replacing a “Historic” Roof

    Consider This When Fixing or Replacing a Historic Roof A historic property can include an attractive roof that adds to the building’s character. Some roofing designs might be more visible than others, not to mention they make properties more interesting and aesthetically appealing. But it might be harder for you to repair a roof like […]

  • See Hail Damage to a Roof

    Signs of Hail Damage Without Getting on the Roof

    Finding Roof Hail Damage Without Seeing It Sometimes you can determine hail damage without getting on the roof.  At some point, you’ll have to check it, but that’s a good time to call the pros. When that time comes, a hail storm damage restoration expert from Town and Country Roofing will review the area. From […]

  • UV Rays on roof

    DO UV Rays Impact Your Roof?

    How Does UV Radiation Impact Your Roof? One of the more common reasons for a roof replacement is damage from ultraviolet or UV rays. The UV radiation that the sun produces can become a problem to your roof. These concerns will cause your roof to become weak after a while. Some preventative measures can help […]

  • Roof Valley

    3 Types of Roof Valleys

    The Three Types of Roof Valleys To Note Town and Country Roofing has helped repair and replaced roofs throughout the DFW Metroplex area. These include roofs that feature various valleys. Such features add a distinct look to a body. But they also require extra care for ensuring the roof stays functional. A valley is a […]

  • OCP

    Is OSB Good For Roof Sheathing?

    Using OSB For Roof Sheathing You can use an OSB body for the exterior roof sheathing  on your home. The OSB material is different from plywood. But it has become increasingly popular for roofers. It’s all thanks to how well the OSB material can stay strong and secure for long-term use. OSB (Oriented Strand Board) […]