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  • Roof Flashing

    Making Yearly Flashing Updates

    Your Flashings Need New Caulk Every Year! The flashings around your roof are critical to the safety of your home. Flashings can appear around your vent pipes, chimney, skylight windows, and anything else that might look around your house. They will keep water from entering your home. But, you need to ensure the roof flashings […]

  • Moss on Roof

    Getting Rid of Moss, Lichen, and Algae

    It might be difficult for you to see all the moss, algae, lichen, and other stuff that can build up around your roof. But you must observe, as these growths can ruin the quality of your roof. You can ask us at Town and Country Roofing if you need extra help with keeping your roof […]

  • Roof leak

    Easy Ways to Find a Roof Leak

    How Can You Find a Roof Leak? There is always a potential that a roof leak may develop where you are. A roof leak can occur for many reasons. It’s generally from your roof aging or storm damage causing problems. Whatever the case is, it helps to get help from someone who can assist you […]

  • roofing shingles

    How Are the Shingles on Your Roof Made?

    The 411 on Roofing Shingles Look at how well the shingles on your roof are currently working if you’re considering a roof replacement. But what goes into the shingles that you’ll have on your roof? The things that work on your roof shingles are all things to note. You will find that it is easy […]

  • moss on roof

    How To Get Moss Off Your Roof

    How Can You Clean off Moss From a Roof? Moss is a green growth that can develop around your roof after a while. The extension can become dangerous, as it can spread around the entire surface and possibly cause breathing issues in susceptible people. The good news is that the process of cleaning off the […]

  • Roof Struck By Lightning

    Do This if Your Home is Struck By Lightning

    There is a potential that your roof could be hit by lightning during a significant storm. It might not be something you want to think about, but the risk of lightning can be rather substantial especially if your home has a metal roof. You should be cautious when it comes to lightning and the impact […]

  • hail damage

    Can Hail Damage Impact Your Roof?

    How Can Hail Damage Impact Your Roof? We at Town and Country Roofing have helped people around the Frisco area with many repair projects following hail storms in the area. We’ve helped with replacing roof tiles and with fixing roof supports and flashing materials among other things after a hail storm. The amount of damage […]

  • roof caulking

    The 411 on Roof Caulk

    What Goes Into Roof Caulk?  Town and Country Roofing are pros at roof caulking. Caulking can be found in many areas of your roof. This includes getting caulk used around the peak of your roof and the flashing spaces. You can also ask us for help with applying roof caulk around any areas where roof […]

  • roof inspection

    Roof Inspection – What to Look For?

    What To Identify In a Bi-Annual Roof Review You’ll need to look carefully at how well your roof looks in the spring and fall. Our team at Town and Country Roofing is here to help you with repairing your roof or with replacing the entire surface if you need help with it.  You’ll need to […]

  • roof

    How Can Trees Damage Your Roof?

    Tree Damage to Roof You’ll need to ensure that your home’s roof is free from obstructions when making the place look its best. We at Town and Country Roofing encourage you to review how well the trees are growing near your home and that they are not going to get in the way of your […]