Do Roofing Contractors Need Licenses in Texas?

Do Roofing Contractors Need To Be Licensed In Texas?

You should only trust the most professional and qualified teams for your roofing needs in the state of Texas. But the most significant concern here is that the rules for licenses vary throughout the Lone Star State. Rules especially vary when it comes to roofing contractors.

You’ll need to hire a licensed contractor to help you with your roof in Texas. A talented contractor can help you with replacing your roofing and ensure it’s treated with care. A licensed company will also confirm that it has received the ongoing education it requires to ensure it can continue to maintain a license.

The positive nature of having a license ensures that the company will be more viable and easier for people to trust. We at Town & Country Roofing are fully licensed to help you with your roofing needs. The most important point is that our services are designed to be consistent and trustworthy. Besides, we put in the extra effort to ensure we are licensed.

Voluntary Licensing

While it is true that roofing organizations in Texas can be licensed, this is an optional or voluntary point. Roofers are not required to obtain a license in Texas.

The only home service groups that are required to have licenses are specialty trade groups like electrical or HVAC entities. Roofing groups aren’t  included in that listing.

Some cities have rules where a roofing company must be licensed. These include larger cities like Austin and San Antonio.

We at Town & Country Roofing understand the licensing involved can make a difference for our work. We ensure that we work with the proper licensing standard to see that you’ll make the most out of the services you hire.

Who Licenses Us?

The North Texas Roofing Contractors Association provides our credentials. The organization provides licenses for roofing contractors around the state as well as regular networking opportunities for various contractors. 

Also, they provide ongoing education services to help people identify the newest trends and developments in the roofing industry. The work provided ensures that people will get the help they need for managing all their roofing functions.

What’s Licensing Mean to You?

Through the NTRCA, you must have proper business and credit references. This includes help for covering any insurance requirement or any expenses surrounding large tasks. They also require business references.

The educational efforts that occur every few years entail groups working with new materials and procedures. Ongoing training  ensures people know what they are doing with their work.

You’ll have to ensure any roofing company you reach in Texas in licensed even though this is not a requirement in today’s field. You can reach us at Town & Country Roofing if you need help with roofing services from a licensed and talented group. We want to help you with all your roofing problems no matter how complicated or challenging they might become.

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