How Does Moss Grow on Your Roof?

Moss Growing on the Roof

One of the most common signs suggesting that you need to repair or replace your roof is when you notice moss growing around your roof. Moss is not an appealing accent to find on your roof, but rather something that can weaken its structure. Moss may also cause breathing difficulties in some people, plus it can bring out further particles that can make the infestation worse.

But how does the moss develop on your roof? Let’s look at what causes moss to grow. As you may notice, it does not take much for moss to grow, although the problem can become dramatic, depending on whatever might happen where you are.

Water Collection

The most common concern surrounding moss on your roof entails water developing around the surface. Water can collect on your roof and may not drain as quickly as you might wish. The water can stick around your roof due to clogged drains or gutters. Moss can build up as it reacts with the roofing tiles.

The moss can eventually pry the shingles apart if there is enough water. As the moss grows alongside the stream, it will cause excess stress on the shingles. Moss can collect water and retain it well, so that will add a negative impact to your roof if not controlled well enough.

Added Shade

Shade can appear around your roof in many forms. Sometimes it can be from trees, but it can also come from chimneys, HVAC units, vents, and other items coming from outside the roof. While these items are critical to your home’s operation, they will still produce a distinct shade depending on the conditions outside.

The added shade can create a relaxed environment that is ideal for moss to grow in. The problem can become worse if the water is present.

Local Trees and Other Growths

Trees and other organic growths near your roof can also be a problem. Leaves, branches, and other items that may shed off of trees can stick around once they land on your roof. The materials can provide your roof with the materials necessary to help moss grow all around.

How Long Does It Take?

It can take a good deal of time for the moss to grow around your roof. The moss is not going to develop right away, but it can become a burden if you do not keep it under control. The surroundings near your roof can create a significant problem, depending on what might occur.

Call the Frisco, TX Roofing Experts

You will need to take care of the moss around your roof before it can become worse. The problem may require you to get your roof replaced, although sometimes a few parts of the roof would have to be repaired instead.

Our roofing experts at Town and Country Roofing can help you with replacing anything surrounding your roof as necessary. We can inspect your roof to identify any moss growths that have developed around the property. Contact us if you ever notice any concerns so we can fix the problem as soon as possible.

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