How Much Hail Damage Before Roof Replacement?

How Much Hail Damage Before Roof Replacement?

A significant hail storm can cause immense damage to your roof. You will have to analyze how well your roof is functioning after a hail storm to determine if you need to replace your surface.

The Background

The greatest worry surrounding a hail storm entails how quickly it will impact your property. Some hail will hit your home at speeds of about 70 miles per hour. 

Also, those bits of hail can be pretty significant. Some hail bits may be around a quarter to half an inch in diameter if not larger.

The worst part of hail is that it is impossible to predict when it will form. Unpredictability is why a homeowners insurance policy will include coverage for hail damage. But it is also impossible to figure out needed coverage, what with it being difficult to figure out how much damage may be caused by hail.

Identifying the Damage

Examine your roof to uncover any obvious issues. You may notice granules on your roofing tiles falling off due to the impact of the hail. Indentations are formed on the tiles, thus causing them to wear out over time.

The added pressure may cause tension along the underbody of the roof. The threat could cause the mat and lower layers of asphalt to sink.

What Is Your Roof Made Of?

The type of roofing materials should be determined upfront. Hail will cause a vinyl or metal tile to dent. Hail damage can make it harder for water to flow off of the roof.

Traditional shingles can develop cracks and open spaces. A stone or clay surface may be harder to handle as well. Such a material may develop cracks with some pieces of the tiles chipping off.

Analyze Your Roof History and Your Insurance Policy

The best thing you can do when analyzing your repairs is to look at your roof’s history and how much insurance coverage you have. You might need help with getting a new roof installed if you have experienced enough damage around your space. But the best part is that policy may cover your property if you are trying to replace your roof after a few years of use. You’d have to review the terms of your plan to confirm this though.

Contact Us For a FREE Roof Inspection

After any hail storm, call Town & Country Roofing. We’ll be glad to inspect your roof and determine damages. We want to ensure that your property is safe and that you know when you need to get your surface to look outstanding.

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