How Snow and Ice Impact Your Roof

While rain might add a bit of weight to your roof, snow and ice are completely different. These two points could easily influence your roof to where it might not be as strong as it should be after a while. Sometimes these problems could cause added stress to get onto your property and become especially dangerous, thus making it even more important for you to watch for what you are getting into.

Added Weight Lasts for a While

The first point to see involves the weight that snow and ice will add. Although rain does add some weight to your roof, that rain just simply brushes off. Snow and ice will not slide off all that easily. When these two melts, the surface becomes wetter and therefore heavier, thus adding even more damage.

Leaks Are Likely

The extra weight that comes from snow and ice might make leaks likely to occur. This only becomes worse when the weight gets to be intense as the precipitation starts to melt.

The leaks might also become problematic thanks to the snow potentially seeping deep into the base of the roof. Because it persists on your roof a little longer than rain normally would, there is a potential for the snow or ice to go underneath your shingles and add far too much weight. This could be even more difficult if your roof is old and has become more susceptible to leaks due to its advanced age.

Icicles Can Form

Although icicles might look beautiful, they will do more to hurt your roof than what you can handle. Icicles will add extra weight to the ends of your roof. Even worse, they might fall off after a while and hurt someone who could be walking under them.

Ice Dams Can Build

An ice dam might form on your roof. This occurs when the ice and snow melt but eventually freeze up again before it can fully slide off your roof. This makes it harder for the roof to stay clear. Some spots underneath your shingles might be damaged as the water will be moved through the area well enough.

Your Gutters May Be Harmed

Snow and ice will do more than just hurt your room. They will also slide off from your roof into your gutters, thus adding extra weight to these surfaces. The sides of your roof could be harmed depending on what happens with getting it taken care of.

Check Your Roof Carefully

Make sure you review your roof to see that it can handle ice and snow well enough. Be ready to brush either of these off your roof if you can do so safely. Watch for how these two can slide off as well. Your roof must be reviewed carefully to see that it is strong and will not wear out easily. Remember that ice and snow could do more damage to your property than anything else in your space, thus making it vital for you to get these materials cleared off right.






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