How To Get Moss Off Your Roof

How Can You Clean off Moss From a Roof?

Moss is a green growth that can develop around your roof after a while. The extension can become dangerous, as it can spread around the entire surface and possibly cause breathing issues in susceptible people. The good news is that the process of cleaning off the roof doesn’t have to be as challenging to manage as you might expect.

You can talk with us at Town and Country Roofing for help with cleaning the moss off of your roof if you experience any of this around your place. You can reach us if you notice any substantial growths that might move around your yard.

The Proper Cleaning Materials 

You will need the right clearning materials to complete this job. These cleaning items include such things as a mix of liquid chlorine bleach and water. The compound can help with clearing out painful moss growths and will not be strong enough to where your roof could become discolored.

Clean the surface with bleach and water. Apply a cleaning material and let it sit on the impacted area for about 15 to 20 minutes on average.

Secure Proper Materials

Additional items may be applied around your roof to help with controlling the development of the moss in the future. Copper or zinc strips may be used on some parts of your roof, particularly around any flashing surfaces. It helps with preventing the shingles from collecting moss once again and making the area look even worse or harder to handle.

Review Growths In the Area

The trees and other features around your property could also influence what happens where you are. Some trees can cause moss to be more likely to grow at your property. Any tree branches around your roof will need trimming to avoid any future issues. It keeps the space from being at risk of damage in some way.

What About New Shingles?

New asphalt-resistant shingles are available for installation at your property. These shingles can help you with protecting your roof for the future. Furthermore, it ensures there is less of a risk of your roof developing any problems. The layout works well when you’re aiming to make your roof look great while also being well-protected. Such shingles come with different materials depending on what you might prefer to use where you are.

Let the Pros Help With Moss on Your Roof

Contact Town and Country Roofing if you need help getting rid moss on your roof. Our team is available to help you with cleaning out many of the most challenging materials that you might have at your property. We will ensure you have a clean and safe surface.

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