Is a Slate Roof Ideal?

Is a Slate Roof Ideal For Your Home?

You have many options to consider when looking for materials for your roof. You can use slate tiles for your roof if desired. Slate is an attractive option to have, but you should look at both the positive and negative aspects of having a slate roof.

The General Concepts

A slate roof features a hard body that is made from natural stone materials. The slate style features a dark grayish tone for the most part, although the overall design of the roof will vary based on where you go.

What Makes Slate Great?

  • Looks Great – Slate is attractive for roofs because of its classy style. It offers a dark color that adds a nice touch.
  • Long-Lasting – Slate can also last for years on end. An average slate roof is rated to last for about 150 years on average. This is a huge advantage when you consider how difficult it would be to replace a roof all the way through. The fact that the roof doesn’t have to be replaced as often is also a big deal for homeowners who want a green roof option.
  • Fire Resistant – Slate is also a protective fire-resistant material. Slate will not burn through as easily as other roof materials. This ensures that your home will not be at risk of catching fire due to a firework, a wildfire, or other issues where fires might begin.

What About the Negatives?

You’ll have to look at the negative aspects of a slate roof as well.

  • Very Heavy – A slate roof is very heavy in comparison with other options. A slate roof can be thousands of pounds in weight. You would have to ensure your home can support the immense weight. This may require you to reinforce parts of your roof to ensure it stays functional and healthy.
  • Tough to Replace – Replacing slate isn’t always easy. As sturdy as slate can be, there is a potential for the tiles to crack and wear out. Not to mention finding a matching replacement.
  • More Expensive – You might spend a few times more for a slate roof than a more traditional choice. Although slate is an appealing choice, the budget consider the budget. You’ll also need to consider budgeting for reinforcement.

Slate Roof Installation and Repair Services

Ask for more details on the various tile options for your home or business Slate is one option to consider, but you have to watch for what makes it appealing and what problems may come along.

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