Is OSB Good For Roof Sheathing?

Using OSB For Roof Sheathing

You can use an OSB body for the exterior roof sheathing  on your home. The OSB material is different from plywood. But it has become increasingly popular for roofers. It’s all thanks to how well the OSB material can stay strong and secure for long-term use.

OSB (Oriented Strand Board) provides a powerful layout that will protect your roof. You’ll enjoy how well the board works for your roof and that it keeps a sturdy body all the way through. You’ll need to take a look at how well this works for you.

What Is OSB?

OSB is also known as, oriented strand board. The engineered wood body looks similar to particleboard—multiple strands or flakes of wood combine alongside an adhesive. The pieces appear in particular orientations. You may notice several hues of wood tones in an oriented strand board body.

What To Notice

The strips used on the OSB body will be about one to six inches in size each. Everything appears unevenly and in various spots.

The strips also appear perpendicular to one another. The body will create a plywood-like appearance.

Before gluing the parts together, the OSB body is coated with wax. The wax ensures the OSB layout will repel water. The ability of the wood to handle the water is even better than what you’d get out of plywood.

What Makes It Useful?

Oriented strand boards are useful for many reasons:

  • The shear strength is dramatically higher than what you’d get from plywood.
  • It is easy for an OSB body to appear. The board can feature wood coming from multiple trees and other growths.
  • The design of the board is consistent. The layout features the same strength all around with no noticeable weaknesses all around.
  • There’s no limit as to how large the board can be. It’s easier to prepare a customized board that fits your property.
  • It may cost less for you to use such a board versus plywood. The cost varies based on the size of what you use and how well you can get things ready for use.

Planning Your Roof With OSB (Oriented Strand Boards)

OSB bodies are for roof sheathing needs. OSB comes in 4×8 foot sheets, although the size is flexible. A board can be up to ¾-inch thick. The optimal thickness for your board should be dictated based on how well your roof looks.

The nails used in getting these ready are essential to the layout as well. The nails have to be spaced at about six inches around their edges and twelve inches in the middle. The placement ensures enough coverage around all parts of the body.

We at Town and Country Roofing can help you with all the needs you have for your roof. We can serve your sheathing needs, particularly when you require oriented strand boards around your roof. Let us know about the needs you have, and we’ll find a plan for work that is suitable for your property and the roof layout.

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