Is Your Roof Solar Panel Ready?

Is Your Roof Capable of Handling Solar Panels?

One thing we at Town and Country Roofing have noticed about many properties in the DFW area is that they often feature solar panels. People add solar panels to their DFW properties for many reasons. People often want to cut down on their energy bills, not to mention they want to produce their own forms of renewable energy. A property’s value may also increase thanks to these panels.

But as appealing as solar panels can be, you would have to watch for what you are using. You have to think about how well your roof could handle solar panels. Multiple things should be considered when getting your roof ready. We at Town and Country Roofing can help you with preparing your roof for when you’re ready to get new panels installed.

Can Your Roof Handle the Weight?

Before installation, determine if you need reinforcements around your roof. Reinforcements can help with managing the intense weights associated with a roof. You might need to get extra reinforcing materials around different parts of your roof. This is to ensure the tiles around your panels will not wear out or be at risk of falling off.

Is a Roof Replacement Necessary?

You might need to get a full roof replacement in some cases. A replacement will help with finding the anchoring spots for your panels. This includes replacing old tiles replaced with new ones as needed. The work will keep your roof looking well while also ensuring the insulation stays protected.

Check the Borders

Note the borders around your solar panels. You might need to add zinc strip materials or other bits of flashing around the anchors. Such compounds will keep the top part of the roof from exposing the bottom. This ensures the roof stays intact.

Note the Positioning

Solar panel positioning is important. You should have a clear view of the sun’s rays and ensure the panels aren’t positioned at too steep of an angle. It may be difficult for your roof to support something with such a deep angle all around. But you have to be careful when looking at the positioning of your panels and that you have a setup that is appealing enough for use.

Adjust your tiles to shape around your panels. This includes arranging the tiles without any possible harm. You must look at what works here when finding something that is appealing enough to use where you are.

Get Help from the North Texas Roofing Experts

You can get solar panels for your home if interested, but you have to watch for what you are finding when getting such panels ready. You can reach us at Town and Country Roofing to learn more about what we can do for your roof installation and maintenance needs, including for when you need help with getting your roof ready to support solar panels that will make your home stand out and be more functional.

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