The Basics of Gutter Cleaning

Gutter Cleaning – Simple Tools and Methods to Work Safely

Sometimes we put off work because they seem difficult and dangerous. Cleaning and maintenance of the gutters are at the top of the list of deferments, but gutters should be cleaned twice a year, if possible.  The most important are the spring cleaning after the seeds and helicopters descend. Many seeds swim and quickly make their way to the water pipe, where it quickly clogs.

In autumn the weather can change rapidly, and the cold and humidity are pitiful and dangerous for lifting the stairs. Town & Country Roofing has been repairing and replacing gutters for many years, and I can say that late spring cleaning is crucial for the annual maintenance of gutters. We’ll look at a few simple tools and methods that will make the job a little less frightening and a little easier to do.

You’re Going to Need a Ladder

use a ladder to clean guttersThe biggest tool, of course, is the ladder.  I found that the extension ladder is the best type of cleaning the gutter because you can climb over the gutter and look down. Do not worry about scratching the chute.

The coatings they use on the gutters are very tough, and few people are going to openly criticize you for a couple of mars on your gutters. Safety is your main concern, and you do not want to go blindly back and along the edge of the chute.

Also, you should avoid lifting on the roof: from the height of the roof, it is very difficult to work and worse if you lean over the edge.


You’ll Need These Before You Start

It’s too easy to break the shingles,  and your boots will push out tiny stones that reduce the life of the roof. So, consider a sneaker with some traction. You will also need a flat wedge large enough to rest on one foot of the stairs so that it is level; A heavy pair of rubber work gloves and a belt hook for transporting a small garden hoe. Local equipment will carry many of these items, but go to the Yellow Pages and find a store for storing stairs and forests. You will be happy to find many products that can not be stored in large stores. And do not forget to wear a shoe by the shoestring.

Try an Expansion Ladder

An expansion ladder that extends to 14 feet is good for one story and at least 24 feet for a two-story home. The stairs will have instructions on the side, followed closely. A small garden hoe should be no more than three inches and a handle of no more than two feet. It will be easy to carry with a belt hook or other tool. Heavy rubber gloves are necessary not to be cut off by numerous sharp screws and edges inside the chute. Gloves will also keep your hands clean and dry (a true blessing in the cold!).

How Do I Clean My Gutters?

  • People cleaning gutters on a houseStart at the end of the trough opposite the drain.
  • Work your way with a hoe, but always keep your shoulders in the vertical rails of the stairs.
  • You should be able to reach three to four feet of the gutter from each side at the same time safely.
  • Be very careful when cleaning from a downward flow.
  • Do not drag the hoe through the hole, instead use your fingers to gently get the leaves and seeds, push them and remove.

There is Danger Involved

Hoses are dangerous and difficult to handle on the stairs and only make things slippery. The hose also flushes too much hard material into the upper elbows, clogging them. Just leave small pieces that do not get out of your hands, so that the rain does not flush.

Remember that your gutters are not surgical. I would never use a leaf fan, because it would just make the leaves and seeds in the downspout and be on the roof, waving heavy equipment, just sounds like a disaster!


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