The Importance of Proper Nailing

ThereThe 411 on Nails

When looking at your roof, you likely don’t notice the nails. However, the nails are a very important part of the entire roofing system. They’re essential for ensuring the roofing surface stays intact and in their place.

All the nails on your roof have to go in evenly. There must be enough room between each unit. They must also move straight into the tiles or shingles without becoming uneven.

Failing to keep the nails in check could cause parts of the roof to fall apart. You must see that these are secured well to prevent anything from possibly slipping off or prematurely wearing.

How  To Drive a Nail Correctly

The nails should be driven straight into the shingle and the roof backing. A few rules to follow:

  • The head of the nail should be flat on the top of the shingle. It should not go deep in the shingle and create a small recess. The head should not stick out either.
  • The end of the nail must go clearly through the shingle and backing. About a quarter of an inch of the nail surface should appear at the end.
  • The nail should go through without tilting. A nail that goes in at an angle will not be as reliable.
  • The nails must be clean and safe before use. Don’t use nails with rust or other forms of wear. Those issues can keep a pin from being as stable as it should be.

The Proper Placement

The placement of the nail should be in a spot where the nail won’t be exposed. Therefore, a well-driven nail will go underneath another shingle that overlaps the space.

The nails should not go too high on the shingles. A unit that goes too high will not catch the top end of the shingle underneath.

The placement should near the ends of the shingles to where they will stay covered and will protect the shingles underneath. Anything too high up may expose them to the weather.

Bad Nail Job – What Happens?

The shingles will fail to stay together if not appropriately nailed. The shingles may slip out of their original spots. Therefore, the nails could also tear out in windy conditions. The worst part about this is that most manufacturer warranties aren’t going to cover these points.

So, ensure whoever you hire for installing your roof is careful. There must be enough of a plan in mind for getting your shingles secured well enough.

It might take an extra bit of time to get someone on hand to help with checking on how the nails look. A thorough inspection will be necessary. It might not be easy to find specific nail-related concerns without putting in a more in-depth review.

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