What Do I Do Before Replacing My Roof?

What Should You Do Before a Roof Replacement Begins?

We at Town & Country Roofing are proud to help people with getting their roof replacement needs under control. We offer useful solutions for ensuring you’ll have the best roof replacement for your property to keep your space insulated and to enhance your property value.

You’ll have to watch for what you’re doing before you begin the roof replacement process though. There are a few things that can be done to help you keep your property in check so the replacement process will work as needed.

Relocate Outside Items Around the House

The reroofing process requires plenty of effort in removing old tiles and supports. You’ll have to move your vehicles and other items near your home away from the space for the time being. Anything on your patio, including furniture and outdoor appliances, should also be moved.

Cover the Attic

Keep the materials inside your attic covered during the replacement process. The covers should keep debris from impacting whatever you have stored. It is naturally bested that you remove as many things from the attic as possible, although those items might be difficult to lift on occasion. Therefore, we reccomend that you cover items around your attic.

Remove Things From Your Wall

The vibrations produced around your home during the renovation process can be a hassle. These vibrations may develop due to the intense hammering and other actions taking place on your roof. You’ll have to remove the stuff from your walls to ensure nothing will shake or fall off. The effort includes removing wall paintings or any electronics mounted on your walls from the space.

Remove TV Antenna or Satellite Dish

Do you have an antenna or satellite dish on your roof? You’ll need to get those removed before the roof replacement process can begin. You are more than likely going to need a professional. So, make an appointment with your television service provider for removing the satellite dish or antenna. After the roof replacement they can reinstall they system.

Review the Roads In and Out

You should not have to worry about the roads around your space being blocked off due to the roof replacement process. But you should watch for trucks coming up and down your road.  Trucks include disposal trucks that can collect all the removed roofing materials.  You will need Plenty of planning to ensure people can get in and out easily. Keep in mind that you need to be able to get in and out too.

You should notice how well you can make the most out of your roof replacement efforts. Talk with us at Town & Country Roofing to help you ensure you’ve got the most out of your home and that you’ll keep your renovation task from being harder to manage than necessary.

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