• 5 Signs You Need Home Window Replacement

    5 Signs You Need To Replace Your Home Windows You can contact us at Town and Country Roofing if you need to get your windows replaced around your home. But do you know when you need to replace those windows? Here are five things to consider when figuring out if you should get new windows. […]

  • Residential Window Repair in Frisco TX by Town & Country Roofing

    Windows are normally designed so that they can enhance the stability of all the walls while permitting the casing installation using sashes, sill, glazing as well as all the additional parts that facilitate the window inadequate functioning. Windows are in a real sense the real wall openings. Since the actual windows are in particular created […]

  • man installing window in home

    Finding Reliable Window Installation & Repair Services

    If you need to hire a professional window and installation contractor, there are some things you should know. When you don’t know the right contractor, you might feel a little overwhelmed and confused. Thankfully, there are some easy steps that you can follow to find exactly what you need. Follow these tips, and you will make […]

  • 2 men installing windows

    Choosing the Best Windows Installation & Repair in DFW, TX

    Choosing the best windows repair and installation in Dallas and Fort Worth is as important as purchasing quality windows. Windows of inferior quality could cost you energy bills, so it is with the contractor with a bad experience as he can install the windows wrongly to allow air seepage thus costing you energy bills. There […]

  • Essential Tips When Hiring Window Contractor

    If you are planning to buy, repair or replace your window, you need to think about the associated cost. Based on the report, this remodeling project will cost at around $10,000-$14,000, the value that can be regained on resale will be as much as 78%. Some people prefer to make this a DIY project; however, […]

  • Home Window Security Comparison

    How to Burglar Proof Your Home Windows

    How to Improve the Security of Your Windows Windows and patios offer a unique challenge to home security. All a burglar should do; is to lift them or easily force them open. If there are within 40 inches of the door lock, they can allow the burglar to open the door from the outside. The […]