Free Estimate

Our Free Estimation Process

When our technicians give you an estimate, they will suggest whether repairs need to be done or if the entire unit needs to be completely replaced. A repair can work to fix a specific problem, however it cannot necessarily guarantee the condition of the rest of the system.

As far as roofing goes, unfortunately, some companies will recommend a full roof replacement when just some repairs are needed. On the other hand, if your roof was not properly installed the first time, you may require a full replacement, even if your roof is only a few years old.

Here are some important facts to remember about our estimation process:

  • Our technicians will help you determine whether you need a few repairs done or a complete replacement of the system at hand.
  • We often see roofs with loose or sliding shingles due to not being properly installed. In those cases, you may need a complete roof replacement, no matter how old (or new) your roof might be.
  • Sometimes shingles may be in good condition, but the underlying material is damaged. Again, this is usually because the roof was not installed properly.
  • Feel free to talk with our technicians about their recommendations during their visit to determine the best options for your home.