How to Make Your Roof More Environmentally Friendly

Is Your Roof Friendly to the Environment?

Your roof is the line between your home and the external environment and everything “heat, cold, rain, etc. ” that enters your home is most likely for your roof. However, because the bills on air conditioning to eradicate the heat in your home is high, hence, the need to curb the heat entering your home from the roof becomes paramount. Going green at home is a trending topic lately, and your roof plays a vital role in this respect.

According to a post by a green building expert, ” roofing has been a sustainable green option has been neglected for years.” While it has been in existence for years in Europe, green roofing concept has just been adopted not quite long in America, and it’s improving every day.

There are many ways to make your roof a bit more environmentally friendly, and they are all a significant impact on the environment. Highlighted below are ways you make your roof environmental friendly.

Proper Ventilation and Insulation

Ventilating and insulating your roof is right for your home and the environment. Heating and cooling equipment uses power, and sometimes fuel to function effectively. The fuel fumes then get released into the atmosphere as toxic substances. This help creates more environmentally efficient buildings. Aside from this, green roofing help reduce costs on heating and cooling which can be up to 45 percent of your home bills.

Rain Guards

The installation of rain guards on roofs has been a trending practice over the years as many roofing companies establish runoff containment and drainage systems on vegetated roofs. Instead of water falling directly to the ground, the rain guard, a different rubber edging keeps the water on the roof in the soil for plant growth. Guards, in the long run, prevent running water which makes the street messy and dirty.

A researcher published that rain guard if adequately installed can retain about 50% of annual rainfall. It saves plants on the vegetative roof, keeps the environment and even taxpayer cost of water cleanup.

Choose Metal Roofing

Honestly, all roofing types have its benefits and advantages, but if you are looking for the material with the best environmental friendly feature, the metal roof is the best. Aside from its durability and less maintenance, metal roofs repel solar energy, which normalizes your home’s temperature even during sweltering weather.

Part of metal roof design is the coating which reflects the heat on contact. They also last longer and can be recycled, unlike other roofing types why cannot be recovered thereby causing more waste to the environment.

Flat Roof Green Options

The structurally designed flat roof is perfect for things such an urban garden on top of your home or office. It is increasing rapidly in the urban areas, most especially in the south with mild weather. If you have a flat roof, consider a UV resistant coating. The coating with help to normalize your home’s temperature during cold and hot weather.

Adequate Maintenance

Regularly maintaining your roof is known to be a green option. There are many Dallas area roofing contractors that specialize in this area. Keeping your gutter, downspout and the entire roof clean and debris free will extend the rate of deterioration. Trash becomes clogged in your drain which later prevents the free flow of water to the downspout. Failure to clean it will house germs, insects and even rodents. All can affect your health and the entire environment in general.

Town & Country Roofing is Environmentally Friendly

Green roofing should be an option for every home. It is your little way of giving back to the community. Consider it for your next re-roofing project and don’t forget to contact us for more information and inquiries.

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