Roofing Material Comparisons

There are many kinds of roofing materials you can utilize when getting a new roof. It is vital for you to look at how each of these materials is different from one another. Be advised though that each of these options has its own pros and cons that deserve to be explored for how they work.


Asphalt is popular for how it is cheap and can resist many impacts. It can also be prepared in one of many shades of black or gray. But it would only last for about twenty years on average. Asphalt roofing materials can shed over time as well and might be likely to come from the base of your roof if they are not secured well enough.


Slate is a stone surface cut into a series of slim shingles. It is available in colors like what asphalt comes in. Slate resists water and mold and will not burn. It can last for more than a hundred years in some cases. It is very expensive and can be fragile if too much weight is added to it.


Rubber materials can be pressed into shapes that look like what people can get out of slate tiles. Rubber can last for as long as slate and might be a little cheaper in some cases. But rubber can be quickly damaged by hail and other inclement weather issues.


Clay roofing surfaces are ideal for properties that are subjected to intense wind conditions. Clay is also ideal for dry and warm spaces. This type of material can be dyed in one of many colors and can be cut into many shapes to fit individual curves and slants around a property. Be advised though that clay is very heavy and would require extra supports under your roof just to all your property to handle all that stress.


A large mat with a fiberglass coating would be required when getting fiberglass added to your roof. An asphalt coating can be added as well. The fiberglass surface will support intense weight and fire. It might be difficult to repair smaller spaces on a fiberglass roof though.

Solar Panels

Some modern roofing surfaces come with solar panels integrated into their bodies. A series of solar collectors may be embedded into asphalt or clay shingles. These can generate energy to power up your home. This provides you with a renewable and clean source of energy that costs less to use, but the cost to get them installed will be very high. They might also be damaged by intense wind or rain conditions. Also, these panels would only work if your property is in a spot where you can get enough sunlight.

Each of these roofing surfaces is worth exploring when you are aiming to get your roof secured. Be sure you see how well a roof can be secured with quality materials depending on your desires. You might be impressed at how well a great roof can be set up based on the needs that you might have for it.

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