Cleaning and Maintaining Gutters the Right Way

Your property will stay protected when your gutters are clean and secure. Cleaning out your gutters keeps the pressure on them down.  Clean gutters also ensure the water from your property will flow away from your foundation, thus preventing potential damages to your property and even internal flooding.

The good news is that you can clean and take care of your gutters with a few simple steps.

Use a Sand Shovel

There will inevitably be sediment and other bits of buildup inside your gutters after a while. Use a handheld sand shovel to get rid of all the bits from your shingles and other items as necessary.

Use a Plastic Tarp on the Ground

As you clean out your gutters, you will need to use a plastic tarp on your ground surface. The tarp will collect the gunk and other stuff you are scooping out from your gutters. You do not want these materials to get stuck all around your lawn. Keeping a tarp on the surface ensures your garden will stay protected.

Flush Everything

After the surfaces around your gutters are cleaned out, you will have to flush everything out. Use a hose with enough medium-pressure water to push any loose items out from the gutters. There should be enough power now to clear out whatever might be left in your gutters after you have finished with the primary part of cleaning out the gutters.

Using a Ladder

You are apparently going to need to get a ladder to help you with cleaning out your gutters. Make sure you keep your ladder on a solid surface when gaining access to your gutters. Ask a second person to help you with keeping your ladder stable as well, thus preventing you from potentially slipping while taking care of your gutters.

Check For Any Paint

Look at how the paint on your gutters is laid out. The paint might start chipping if the gutters are old. It helps to wash off the paint and to add a new coating of paint. A new color can help you if you need assistance with keeping your gutters feeling their best without risking anything coming apart.

Review the Bolts and Fasteners

You must see how the bolts and fasteners and other things that keep your gutters intact are working. Make sure they are secured and are not coming loose. You might have to replace old surfaces and fasteners if they appear to be wearing out.

What About a Cover?

A cover or other guard system could go onto your gutters during the maintenance and cleaning process. This protection will keep leaves and other significant bits of debris from getting into your drains, but you would still have to wash them out on occasion. You would have to take those guards off to clean off any sediment that might have even gotten into the gutters.

Make sure you check your gutters regularly. Review your gutters once or twice a month to see how well your gutters are working. Checking everything ensures your gutters will stay intact and protected.

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