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Roofing Contractor in Allen, TX

Considering hiring a roofing contractor in Allen, TX? If so, Town & Country Roofing is here to provide you top-notch service. You might assume that your roof is just a surface that covers your home and adds curb appeal. However, there is more to your roof than only the shingles that go on top.

You also have to look at each of the items that link up to your roof to see that you’ve got a layout that looks its best. An Allen roofer will assist you with producing a roof that adds a brilliant look to your property.

Our Allen TX Roofing Services

We offer both residential & Commerical roofing services in Allen, Texas. Our roofers work on not only the outside of your roof but also with the interior parts. These include points for supporting the weight on your roof and the insulation.

The ability to keep water from spreading into your home when it rains is vital as well. The work that a roofer will provide you with your home needs is critical for giving you the support you desire in any situation. Be sure to see what a roofer can do for your space.

Roof Repairs

You can call Allen roofing contractor, Town & Country Roofing, to help you with repairing any roof structure.  We will review your needs and assist you in restoring shingles, wood supports and more.

Roof repair includes restoring insulation and keeping leaks under control. The people at Town and Country can even fix the supports around the corners that keep the roof together and affixed to your home. By executing fixes, it becomes easier for your roof’s surface to stay intact and ready for anything.

Roof Replacement

You must get your roof replaced if it is old or has encountered far too many damages. A new roof can come with either the same shingles or materials you used on the old one or with a new style of its own.

Our team of Allen, TX roofers will start by removing the old roof and replacing it with new supports, tiles, and insulation among other things. The work here is all about getting your roof to look strong no matter what new features you choose to add to its body.

Storm Damage Restoration

Don’t forget about our storm damage restoration service next time a storm hits in Allen, TX.  We can handle storm damage repairs including:

  • working with replacing old tiles or shingles
  • filling in leaks
  • added new fasteners to your roof
  • fixing or replacing gutters

Repairs are vital if you have a new roof in Allen and you cannot afford to get a full replacement right now.

We manage everything during the storm damage restoration process. We even evaluate and replace the gutters if we see an issue. The gutters will secure the ends of the roof and keep them together without having water seep into your attic.  Our Allen roofer will ensure your surfaces will stay secure and protected without worrying about water moving around.

Town and Country Roofing- Your Allen TX Roofing Company

By calling Town and Country for help, you will get quality craftsmanship and amazing service. Town and Country will assist you by analyzing your roof and assessing any damages. By doing so, we can accurately determine the right course of action.

Town and Country will do everything you expect from the top Roofing Company in Allen, Texas.  In short, there is a reason we’re A+ Rated with the Better Business Bureau and will reviewed by our customers.

The team at Town and Country understands that you have many needs for getting your property to look and feel its best. By working with us, you will ensure your roof installation meets the best standards in mind.


Roofing Surfaces

Your roofer will help you to get every surface on your property secured properly. For instance, the shingles on your roof entail more than just a beautiful look. They must also be reliable and capable of affixing themselves to your roof without issues. Our roofing service in Allen comprises only top quality shingles.

The best part of shingles is that you can find them in many forms. You can see not only traditional asphalt shingles but also some fancier options that come with stronger surfaces. Slate shingles are available as well as thicker copper or aluminum shingles. You can even get some solar panel shingles applied to your roof, although your ability to utilize them would vary based on the quality of the surface.

You can also get insulation materials in many forms. You can get fiberglass materials added under your new roof or even a foam-based solution. Whatever you plan on getting, you can find a good insulation plan to help you cover up the inside of your property, so it looks its best and stays functional.

Don’t forget about the wood supports and membranes that come with a roof. An Allen roofing contractor will take care of any roofing surface that needs repairs.

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Be aware of how a roofer in Allen will assist you with everything related to your roof. The work that goes into getting a quality roof prepared is vital to your roofing success.

Don’t forget to reach Town and Country when you need a roofing contractor in The Colony, TX.