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Searching for a trustworthy Plano Roofing Contractor? If so, you’ve found an A+ BBB Rated Roofing company. A roof  is an essential part of any building. Apart from protecting the house from harsh elements, it also emphasizes the beauty of your home. It is, therefore, crucial to select the right roofing material and take good care of it once installed so that it lasts a lifetime.

Doing the opposite will put your home in the path of disaster and cost you dearly in the long run. At Town & Country Roofing, we are the go-to guys for all your residential and commercial roofing solutions in Plano, Texas. We offer quality and comprehensive roofing services from installation to maintenance, and you can trust our dedicated staff to make your experience with us worthwhile.

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Plano, Texas is the ninth highest populated city in Texas, and you can count on Town & Country Roofing Company to provide a team of dedicated contractors that are well versed in their specific job descriptions. They are all licensed and insured to provide comprehensive roofing services at a high quality in the north Texas City of Plano. They use the latest technology and tools to handle any issues that may arise regarding your roofing, and you can expect useful add-on services whenever they come to your property.

Our licensed roofing contractors have earned the reputation for superior quality and professionalism in every project they partake so you can look forward to getting the best service available. Call us whenever you need a Plano roofing contractor you can trust.

Roof Replacement

Town & Country Roofing Company is the best in the business when it comes to replacing an old roof; which is a disaster in waiting. We have all the necessary machinery and experienced servicemen to handle a sophisticated roof replacement Plano seamlessly without causing damage to your home.

The first thing we do is to carefully inspect the entirety of your roof to examine the extent of damage and come up with a plan to efficiently replace it. The next part, which is usually the most grueling, is tearing off the roof. Fortunately, our contractors are conversant with the different designs of roofs available and their anatomy, both inside and outside.

The next thing we do to your roof is to re-felt it so that you do not experience any leaks and to keep your roof waterproof. Finally, we will apply the new shingles with unparalleled accuracy. We will do all this in the shortest time and least noise possible not to inconvenience your household schedule. We will also clean up all debris and dispose of it safely so that we leave your home and yard clean.

Roof Repair

We have a team of Plano roof repair experts that will leave your roof with a clean bill of health. The first thing we do here is to clean the roof. Roof cleaning is done thoroughly by using powerful pipes to remove all the dirt from t any existing gaps in the roof surface.

We will then conduct any necessary roof repairs after careful analysis such as aligning the bedding frame and mix under the ridge caps in line with the railing. Flexi points are also repointed in that very way to ensure ridge security. Once we complete the roofing repairs, we seal the roof with high-quality chemicals and later on paint and polish the tiles for a brand new look.

Roof Inspection

Whenever you suspect your roof is damaged, you can always contact Town & Country Roofing for a free roof inspection. Our roof inspection experts are licensed and well trained to go through the entirety of the roof to ensure there is no cause for alarm. Our team will also walk the perimeter of your residence and conduct a visual examination for any tell-tale signs in both the exterior and interior. We even have binoculars to make the process more accurate.

The roof inspection Plano experts will examine chimneys, gutters, pipe vents and crickets as well as any surfacing material. After the external inspection, the interior is analyzed by looking at the internal stacks, sheathing, fasteners and any other support materials for damage.

In the event there is significant damage to your roof, we will advise accordingly on the necessary restoration activities to effect and if not, give you the needed maintenance activities to perform. We provide inspection schedules that our customers can organize with us to render them services periodically.

Aside from the regular home-care inspection, we also offer inspection services to clients who are acquiring new property and want to confirm everything is in the right condition before closing the deal. We will check for any signs of roof deterioration and tell you whether or not you are getting value for your money.

Storm Damage Repair

Our company provides round the clock services, and we have personnel on standby to respond to your call in your time of need. In the event of an emergency such as a storm, trust us to be there in no time when you reach us. We have a team that specializes in storm damage restoration in Plano, TX, and guarantees to clear any memory of the disaster upon completion. The sheer winds and hail that accompany a storm can leave significant damage to your roofing structure by breaking and removing shingles, gutters, etc.

The first thing we do in such a case is to eliminate risk by turning off all the power lines and removing any debris and wet rubble from the area of operation. Our technicians then scour the perimeter of your property for any damages to the shingles, dents in the gutters, cracks in the pipes, and breakages to any other roofing appliances. We then proceed to perform repairs to all the parts that have been found to be damaged carefully and speedily. All the debris left behind by the storm is cleared and dumped correctly, and your residence is left clean and organized.

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