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Quality Roofing Services in McKinney, TX

We take pride in providing the best roofer in McKinney, TX. We focus on offering comprehensive solutions for getting more out of your roof. Whether it entails a repair, replacement, upgrade or inspection, we will help you get the most out of your repair needs. We can work with residential and commercial properties alike.

McKinney, TX Roof Repair

The repairs for your roof in McKinney could come from many issues. Maybe you have found a leak in your roof, or some parts are sagging. Perhaps some tiles have come apart following a storm or other problem.

Whatever the case may be, we will take a look at your roof and figure out how we can repair the surface.
We work well with roof repairs for all types of roofing surfaces. These include not only traditional asphalt shingle surfaces but also slate, clay, and metal roofs. Any compatible material is available through our roofing services in McKinney, TX.

Need a Re-Roof?

You will need to get your home’s roof replaced after about twenty years on average. Roofs that have been subjected to water damage or from an extensive amount of damage following a recent disaster are ideal candidates for replacements. Getting a roof replacement might sound like a complicated issue, but we can help you get the most out of your new roof.

We will work around the body of your roof and figure out how we can install a new surface. A new base layer can go under the main body if necessary.

You can also contact us about getting a material that fits your desires on your roof. We can provide you with asphalt shingles, clay materials and slate surfaces in many colors. You can choose to have your new roof match the design of your old one, or you can go with a new roof all the way through.

Want a Roofing Upgrade?

The options you have for a roofing upgrade in McKinney, TX are diverse. You can choose to get solar panels or shingles added to your property. These provide you with renewable energy that is easy to collect. You can also get a new color or texture to go on your roof to make your home stand out and a better reflection of who you are.

Maybe you need to get a new surface added to your roof altogether. Metal is sturdy and eco-friendly while coming in many colors and is just one of many choices you have.

No matter what type of upgrade you need, we can help you get the most out of your roof. See what we have to offer when looking for a quality roofing surface that you are bound to enjoy having.

Roof Inspections

You must have your roof inspected on occasion to ensure that your surface is fully secure. Many problems with a roof are not as easy to spot as you might notice. Getting an annual roof inspection is vital to keeping your home protected. Finding the problem ensures you will get the issue fixed up before it can get worse.

The inspection that we utilize works with many steps. We start by reviewing the inside part of your roof. Our check includes a review of how ventilated the roof is, how the insulation works and if there is any moisture or mold inside of the roof. The analysis that we handle will give you an idea of what is happening inside your roof and what can be fixed up.

We can also review the outside of your roof. Our professionals will identify leaks, ice dams and how well the tiles on your roof are laid out. The ability of the roof to manage moisture and to let it move off the surface is another point we review. The surface should not be developing any mold, rot or other commonplace issues just as well.

The critical part of the inspection is to see there are no problems with the roof. But if you need any repairs, we will let you know. You will hear from us about any fixes that need to work to keep your roof secure.

Commercial Roofing – McKinney, TX

Your home is not the only place that needs a quality roof. Your commercial property needs to have a strong roof just as well. A commercial roof is built differently from a traditional roof, so you need to watch for how it is laid out.

We will assist you with producing a quality commercial roof that fits your needs. Our service works by managing an appropriate membrane at the start. A rubber or thermoplastic membrane is a vital part while a solid surface goes over the top. Ventilation and sloping features also run alongside proper gutter systems.

A full layout for your business site can be planned out to ensure the work you are putting in fits accordingly. We work well for all types of businesses in McKinney and with every critical kind of surface that people need assistance with.

Storm Damage Restoration

The threat of storm damage is something that all people around McKinney, Texas are aware. We can help you with reviewing your roof after a storm has blown through the area. We will inspect your roof and see what repairs need to be made or even if you need to get your surface replaced all the way.

No matter what you need help with, we are available to assist you with getting your roof in McKinney took care of. From inspections to repairs to replacements and all things in between, we will proudly help you get the most out of a plan to fix up your roof after a storm.