Can Hail Damage Impact Your Roof?

How Can Hail Damage Impact Your Roof?

We at Town and Country Roofing have helped people around the Frisco area with many repair projects following hail storms in the area. We’ve helped with replacing roof tiles and with fixing roof supports and flashing materials among other things after a hail storm.

The amount of damage that your roof could experience due to a hail storm can be significant. While not every roof in the area will suffer hail damages following a storm, the threat can be substantial.

Hail Damage

Here are a few ways how hail can harm your roof and potentially risk the quality of your place:

1. You may notice damages around your entire roof with no distinct pattern involved.

Since hail can spread around your entire roof, there is a chance that you might experience hail damage around all parts of the surface. You’ll need to watch for how the losses might come along.

2. Discoloration can develop in your shingles.

The discoloration through parts of your shingles opening up and becoming visible. The issues may be more noticeable if you have wood shingles.

3. Roof granules Will Fall.

The severe impact of hail on your roof can cause granules to shed off of your tiles. The pellets will expose the roof felt and potentially cause further damage to the space depending on how severe the concern may be.

4. Tiles can become lost altogether.

The rough hail could potentially cause tile loss after a while. The storm can cause tiles to wear out due to the adhesives becoming loose. You would need to get some new adhesive materials applied around your surface depending on what you might be getting out of your place.

5. The insulation under your roof tiles might be at risk of harm.

One significant concern surrounding your roof in a hail storm is that the hailstones that fall on your surface could have jagged edges. The irregular bodies of these hail bits could cause possible damage to your roof and puncture some spaces.

The concern can be even worse if the bits of hail that land are a little more significant in size. Anything with sharp edges that areas on your roof could cause some damages to your roof tiles and get all the way down to the insulation, thus putting in significant damage to the underbody of your space.

6. You will also have to review the quality of the roof flashings around your place.

Keep an eye on the flashings on the roof. The flashing materials might wear out after a while, thus being potentially dangerous and harmful. You’ll need to notice the quality of the roof flashings to see that they are intact and that they have not worn out in any situation.

You can reach us at Town and Country Roofing for help with repairing your roof if you feel specific concerns are surrounding your yard.

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