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  • roof ventilation

    The Importance of Roof Ventilation

    Why Is Ventilation So Critical For a Roof? We at Town and Country Roofing can help you with inspecting and maintaining the ventilation features around your roof. Our work can help you with managing any chimneys, vents, ports, and other openings around your roof. These can go anywhere around your roof and can add a […]

  • house roof damaged by tree

    How to Minimize Roof Tree Damage

    How to Control the Risk of Trees For Your Roof As appealing as trees can be around your property, they can harm the quality of your roof. You have to watch for what you can do to keep trees around your property from being a burden when trying to get your roof handled well. Keeping […]

  • house with solar panels

    Is Your Roof Solar Panel Ready?

    Is Your Roof Capable of Handling Solar Panels? One thing we at Town and Country Roofing have noticed about many properties in the DFW area is that they often feature solar panels. People add solar panels to their DFW properties for many reasons. People often want to cut down on their energy bills, not to […]

  • budget

    Is a Slate Roof Ideal?

    Is a Slate Roof Ideal For Your Home? You have many options to consider when looking for materials for your roof. You can use slate tiles for your roof if desired. Slate is an attractive option to have, but you should look at both the positive and negative aspects of having a slate roof. The […]

  • protecting your roof

    Protecting Your Roof

    What To Do When Protecting Your Roof Our experts at Town and Country Roofing can help you with improving upon the quality of your roof at your home in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. But it is critical for you to note how well you can keep your roof safe and protected before anything concerning might […]

  • emove algae and moss from roof

    How to Clean Algae and Moss From Your Roof

    How Can Algae and Moss Be Cleaned Off of Your Roof? Algae and moss are two difficult concerns that might make a negative impact on your roof. These are growths that can cause your roof to become discolored. These might also cause difficult concerns surrounding how well your tiles will stay intact. The good news […]

  • restore your roof

    How Do Black Streaks Develop on a Roof?

    Understanding How Black Streaks Develop On a Roof One thing you might notice when checking on your roof is a series of black streaks. These can occur in many situations, and they can make any roof look unattractive. But we at Town and Country Roofing can help you with removing these streaks before they can […]

  • replacing a roof

    How is a Roof Reflashed?

    Reflashing a Roof One of the top things we can do here at Town and Country Roofing is to replace the flashing in around your roof. The flashing is the material that surrounds things like a chimney, a vent, or other features around the roof. The material used for flashing is copper, aluminum, or sheet […]

  • roofing

    Best Ways to Avoid Roof Wind Damage

    Keeping Your Roof From Being Harmed By Wind  The DFW area is often subject to wind storms. Sometimes the remnants of tropical systems might reach the DFW area. The excess winds from those systems can harm even the newest roofs. But you don’t have to worry about how well your roof looks if you can […]

  • roofing vent

    Best Types of Roofing Vents

    What Vents Work On Your Roof? You can reach us at Town and Country Roofing if you need help with applying a vent on your roof. A vent allows moisture to escape from your house and make it easier for you to keep your home from being at risk of excess moisture. Your home will […]