Check the Roof When Buying a Home

What To Look For In the Roof When You’re Buying a Home

When buying a house many don’t think to check the roof. If it looks good from the ground, then so be it. Here area few things to check for.

Check For Possible Issues

You should look to ensure you don’t need immediate roof replacement. These include factors like moss growing on a roof, rust spots, and worn-out surfaces around the vent pipes. You might ask to get the purchase price of the home down by a bit so you can get enough funds ready for replacing a roof at this point.

Gutter Quality

Check to ensure the gutters are in good shape. The gutters should be appropriately aligned while allowing water to move through and well outside your foundation. 

You should also see that the gutters don’t contain lots of grains from the roof tiles. A gutter with lots of grains inside its body might suggest that the roof is old and needs additional repairs.

Also, the gutters should not be bending down or appearing to experience lots of pressure. Such problems may be signs that the gutters are not working as well as they should. The issue could potentially compromise the quality of the roof.

Possible Leaks

See how well the roof can handle water. This part of the inspection requires you to check spots inside the home to see if the roof can control the water right.

You can tell that something is wrong with your roof when you notice the paint around the overhangs peeling or flacking. The issue suggests that the roof is experiencing fatigue.

Meanwhile, you might come across wet spots around the fireplace if your property has one. The interior ceilings may also develop discolored spots or dark areas. These concerns are also signs that the roof is not handling water in the right way.

See What the Materials Are

The last thing to consider is to look at the materials in general. In most cases, you’ll come across a roof with traditional shingles or tiles. But in other cases, you might find a roof made with slate, metal or stone materials that last a little longer. 


The roof inspection is esential to ensuring you don’t buy a problem.  See what is going on with your roof before you make the call on purchasing a new home. 

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