Local Roofing Company vs Storm Chasers

Have Storm Damage to Your Roof?

After a storm, there can be a serious amount of storm damage to your roof. From an overflow of rain to a flurry of hail, the roof is usually one of the first things damaged when a severe to moderate storm strikes. So, after a
windstorm, hailstorm, tornado or hurricane passes it is imperative to assess the destruction to your roof. If your roof has physical signs of leaking, dents, destruction to shingles and more,  it is time to call a professional.

What Roofing  Company Should I Hire?

If there is significant damage to your roof, you may be trying to decide whether to hire a local roofing company or storm chaser. This can feel overwhelming because you don’t know who the best roofing company is or who provides the best roofing services. That is why we have set up a comprehensive guide for hiring a local Frisco roofing company vs. storm chaser.

Storm Chasers

Storm chasers are companies that follow severe storms and specialize in storm damage from hail and the wind.
Storm chasers are known for providing faulty appraisals and overcharging you for services that are already covered by your homeowner’s insurance. They are charging you for a premium service and delivering bottom of the barrel work. Worst of all, after the storm is gone, these companies are gone too. So, when you have a problem, they will be nowhere to be found.

Local DFW Roofing Company

Local roofing companies are long-standing companies within a local area. Typically, locally owned and operated with the goal to provide superior customer service to everyone. Known for their professionalism, local roofing companies are insured and offer affordable and dependable services.

Signs of a Storm Chaser

Storm chasers are known for scamming people into letting them overcharge for their roofing repair costs. When determining who to call when you have roof damage after a storm don’t be scammed by storm chasers tricks

  1. They don’t have a local place of business – they are not a locally owned business and travel looking for storm damage
  2. They visit your home unannounced – they usually show up with pamphlets and try and sell you services
  3. They May lack  proof of valid insurance – they seldom have a proof of a valid license or insurance
  4. They hard-sell you – they may ask you to pay in cash and never give a free written quotation

Get Reliable Roofing Repair

Get reliable and consistent roofing repair from locally owned roofing companies like Town and Country Roofing with unbeatable coverages that save you money and offer a service of integrity. Town and Country offer stability and typically a warranty for their services. They have professional trained and skilled roofers and use state of the art equipment and materials for your residential roofing.


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