Should I Consider a Slate Roofing Surface?

Are Slate Tiles Ideal For Your Roof?

Slate tiles are available for your use on your roof. But, you have to look at all the ins and outs that come with a slate roofing surface. Slate is an attractive material that looks beautiful and will last for years, but it might be too heavy for some roofs. If you’re in need of roof replacement, here is some info on a slate roof.

What Is Slate?

Slate is a rock formed from volcanic ash. The surface has a subtle grain texture to it. The material is also known for being dense and heavy. It can be cut up into small pieces and utilized as roofing tiles.

Slate comes with a dark tone for the most part. You can find gray and black slate tiles too. Some tiles include more unique colors like red or green, but those are not as commonplace as the darker ones.

Slate Roofing Last For a While

One reason why people are interested in slate tiles on their roofs is that slate lasts much longer than most other materials. The approximate lifespan of a slate roof is around 150 years. The lifespan is a significant benefit when you consider that many other roofing surfaces need replacement about twenty years.

Because you do not have to replace the roof so often, that eliminates further replacement costs. Not having to replace your roof every 20 years will add up over time. This is also the case with metal roofing.

Sturdy Tiles

Slate tiles are much stronger than traditional shingles. Slate has a solid surface that does not break apart or wear out quickly, thus producing a body that fits in well with most roofing systems.

Fire-Resistant Materials

Slate is capable of handling intense heat conditions. The surface will not catch on fire, thus preventing roofing fires caused by fireworks or other surrounding risks from being a threat.

Any Slate Roofing Concerns?

There are a few things to note about slate roofs. Although slate is a durable material, hail and wind storm damage is a possibility.  You should keep an eye on your roof after any significant storm.

The added weight of slate also makes it a challenge to get installed in some cases. You should get the surface under your roof inspected and tested to see that it can handle the material that you wish to install onto it. Anything that is not structurally sound might not be able to handle the weight.

Slate is worth considering when you need a quality roofing surface. Be sure to ask your roofing contractor if your home will sustain it. Be sure to look at how slate tiles can work for you as you take a look at roofing options that fit in well with your home’s needs.

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