What Are The Slope and Pitch On Your Roof?

What Are the Slope and Pitch On Your Roof?

There are many terms associated with roofing. But it’s sensible if you don’t know what they mean. For instance, you might hear points about the slope and pitch of your roof.

The slope and pitch are terms often interchanged with one another. They relate to the physical layout of the roof. But, they are words with very different meanings. It refers to how well your roof is built and the support it requires for any purpose.

The Slope

First, let’s look at the slope of your roof. The slope is the relationship between the run and the rise on your roof. The rise refers to the distance from the base, while the run goes horizontally from one end of the roof to the tallest part of the roof. The slope is total amount of rise for every 12 inches of the run.

For instance, a roof may have a run of 24 feet and a rise of 12 feet. The ratio for the roof would be 12:24, or 1:2. This means that the slope is about half a foot of rise for every foot of the run. A slope may be steep or flat, and there are no general standards out there surrounding what constitutes a regular slope.

The Pitch

The pitch is the vertical rise divided by the entire horizontal span. If a roof has a rise of 10 feet and a run of 30 feet, that means the pitch is 1:3.

The critical point about the pitch is that it covers the entire roof and an idea about its incline. The slope focuses on the angle of the incline. The pitch will be consistent throughout the whole roof, while the slope will vary in intensity based on the general positioning of the roof and where the measurement takes place.

Why Know These Points?

You’ll need to understand these measurements for your roof to ensure you have more control over how well your roof receives the support it deserves. A steep or low-slope roof might need special assistance. A steep roof may need extra help, while a low-slope one could use vents and other items to prevent moisture and precipitation from building up.

Sometimes the total slope might require adjustment. You’d have to fix the gradient-based on how long it might be or how well it may move. Such points can influence how well your roof appears and how it appears.

You can ask us at Town and Country Roofing to learn more about how well your roof can receive the support it deserves. We want to be there for your property as you aim to make the most out of your roofing needs. We can serve your property in the DFW area regardless of what the slope or pitch may be.

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