Adding a Satellite Dish To Your roof

Installing a Satellite Dish Onto Your Roof

You can always consider adding a satellite dish to your roof. A satellite dish can provide you with reliable signals for all your television needs. But you have also to watch how your roof can support the dish. The satellite dish may be appealing for your entertainment, but you have to be aware of what you’re doing when getting such a dish ready for your property.

Your roof needs to be capable of supporting your satellite dish well enough. You’ll have to use a few points when finding a satellite dish that fits on your roof and provides the right amount of support.

Check Your Roof Warranty

You must look at the terms of your roof warranty. Adding a satellite dish or another attachment could void the warranty. The problem is especially concerning if the installation process requires lots of physical work.

The dish might influence the warranty based on how large the model is or location. The installation process may also affect the quality of the roof. Check on the terms of your warranty to see if you can safely add a roof without potentially hurting whatever the warranty for your roof features.

Review the Underbody

The underbody of your roof influences how well the satellite dish is supported. Check where it secures to the underbody. There should be enough of an anchor surrounding the dish.

The work can require plenty of cutting and nailing. But, it’s necessary as it keeps air from entering your home.

How Are the Tiles Nearby?

The tiles near your dish must stay under control. The tiles are difficult to maintain, especially if they are cut apart for the dish. Consider replacing the shingles around the satellite if needed. 

The tiles have to be secured well around the anchor and other features that link the dish to your roof. It creates a consistent cover without inhibiting how well the dish functions or acts. Look at how well the tiles keep the anchor from moving or shifting.

Review the Terms Where You Are

Your homeowner’s association might have ruled over what can work for your dish, so contact that group about what you are doing beforehand. The effort should be to identify any possible issues that may develop.

Call the Roofing Experts

We can help with installing a roof around a satellite dish. You can ask us to help with repairing or restoring a roof with a dish on it, as well. We can also assist you with removing the dish from your roof if you no longer require the unit.

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