Clearing Birds Off Your Roof

Tips For Clearing Bird Off of Roofs

While it might look nice to see a bird perched on your roof, that doesn’t mean it is always a welcome sign. A bird can damage your roof and leave debris all over. Whether it entails adding branches and other things for a nest or from defecating on your roof, birds can be hassles.

What Can Birds Do To Harm Your Roof?

A bird can harm your roof in many ways. A bird can produce a nest that restricts airflow around your roof. The nest may also prevent water from flowing off the roof and away from your home.

Bird droppings can be an unappealing concern. These droppings are acidic and can cause wear to the asphalt around your roof. Any HVAC setups or other things around your roof can also be at risk of possible harm.

In some cases, you might come across only one bird around your roof. But after a while, that number can add up from other birds finding your property and nesting around the area.

Is The Problem Fixable?

If possible, resolve these annoyances before they can become worse. Many things can be done to help you prevent things from getting worse:

  1. Any holes, gaps, and other openings around your roof are repairable – These should be covered and secured to keep birds from getting around your roof. Such opportunities may be conducive to nests, what with them featuring slight recesses.
  2. Correct any recesses – A break can cause water to build up around parts of your roof. These recesses can be appealing to birds and other pests.
  3. Clean your roof occasionally – Remove any leaves, branches, and other bits of debris around your roof. These items can become nesting spots for birds.
  4. Clear Out Any Pests – A pest might become a problem at your property, especially as the parasite could be prey to birds. Removing pests will prevent them from being a more significant burden.
  5. Clean off Any Loose Gravel – These bits can become tough to clean off if you are not careful, as they can add excess stress if not handled well enough.

Final Thoughts on Removing Birds From the Roof

Ensure the birds on your roof aren’t protected. The point means that you’d have to contact a separate organization for help. The group can find a way to transport the bird to a safer place away from your home.

Clean off your roof to prevent birds from getting in the way. You can ask us at Town and Country Roofing about what we can do for your property while keeping your roof from being at risk of possible harm.

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