Can I Find A Leak By Spraying My Roof?

Spray the Roof to Find a Leak

Sometimes it’s not easy to find where a leak on your roof originates. But, there is an old school method to find out where the issue lies. 

Spraying your roof with a garden hose can identify a leak. It does so by noting how well the water flows off of your roof. There are a few things to do if you wish to try this.

How This Works

Spraying your roof is ideal for seeing how well the water moves. You’ll identify a leak by noting how the water isn’t running off of the roof. The water may not flow down well, or even at all. The water that you spray will move in through the opening and start to leak inside your home.

The effort helps you identify where leaks are. While you might notice a leak inside part of your home, it’s not as easy to find it on the outside. But by spraying the roof, you’ll discover where the issue appears. An appropriate plan for fixing the problem should be made at this point.

Planning the Work

Here are a few points when spraying the roof. These include keys to avoid doing any further damage to your home:

  • Position yourself in a spot where it will be safe for you to spray the roof. A ladder is necessary here. You might need a second person to spot the ladder for you.
  • Avoid walking around your roof. The added weight that your roof experiences while walking can damage the body.
  • Use a gentle stream of water when spraying the roof. Don’t use anything too intense. Avoid using a power washing hose, as the pressure could be too harsh.
  • Don’t spray the area if it’s cold outside. It is dangerous to spray the roof when it is freezing.
  • Don’t use overly cold water. The water could trigger the development of mold if it’s too chilled.

What to Watch For

Be observant of what’s coming off your roof when spraying. Take note of a few things:

  • Look at how the water streams down. Note any cases where the water isn’t flowing. Sometimes the water might redirect itself in different spots.
  • Look for any particles coming off of the tiles. Tiles that are quickly losing their particles may need a replacement after a while.
  • Watch for anything unusual in the water as it streams down. The water might take in a few bits of mold or moss or other growths. These could be hiding well under your tiles. You might need to have someone review these areas and possibly replace the roofing surface.

Spraying your roof is a good idea when looking for where the leaks around your roof are.

If you need help protecting your roof from leaks, call Town and Country Roofing for further assistance.

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