Spring Cleaning the Roof Checklist

You’ll need to get your property’s roof cleaned off after the winter season ends. You must look at how the roof has been impacted by snow, ice and other things that come about during the winter. There are several things that you can do to get your roof prepared as the weather starts to get nicer and eventually warmer.

Review Your Shingles

Check the shingles around your roof at the start. You might need to patch over or replace some of the shingles on your roof if they are starting to wear out or break off. You could also notice cases where individual shingles are fading or peeling. Those will have to be replaced.

The shingles should be checked regardless of what they are made from. While asphalt shingles can wear out quickly, slat and rubber shingles might possibly crack apart due to icy conditions.

Check Trees Nearby

The trees near your home will start to grow in the spring as they get off their dormant period. But at this time, you must get any branches or other things that might get in touch with your roof cleared off. This includes trimming off any branches that might bump into your roof. Anything that is directly over your roof and could potentially break off and land on your roof following a rainstorm should be trimmed as well. This not only protects your roof but also keeps you from bearing with leaves that might pile up onto the roof in the fall.

Check the Gutters

There is a chance that granules or other materials on your roof will have spilled from the surface and eventually into your gutters. Review your gutters and clear them out if this has happened. Getting the gutters fixed up ensures they will allow water to flow out evenly enough. Look at where the granules are coming from as well and see if you need to replace any shingles that are becoming thinner due to all those materials falling off.

Review the Attic

You must also look at the attic or other space in your home that your roof is supported by. The space should be dry and should not have any excess light coming through it. You might need to get a space repaired or even replaced if you notice lots of leaks or light coming into your property.

Look for any mildew or mold that might have developed in a space as well. These problems might be serious issues that would require not only a repair or replacement but also an extensive cleaning to keep the surface from being dangerous to people inside the home.

Remember that the spring season is an ideal time for your home as it is when you will get it all to look its best. Check on how well the roof is laid out as the winter ends, so your home will look great while the roof is also functional. Be sure to take the proper precautionary measures or to even get the roof repaired if necessary.

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