Do I Need a Total Roof Replacement?

Do I Need Roof Repair or Replacement?

You must have a quality roof on top of your property to keep it secure. A roof will keep your home protected from rain and other issues. It can also add to the overall appeal of your home. However, you might not think too much about your roof until it is damaged.

You must watch for how well your roof is holding up over time. There are five points that you must watch for when identifying when you need to get a new roof.

  • The shingles might start to curl.

Top 100 Roofing Contractors AwardFirst, you might notice that the shingles on your roof are starting to curl up. They might experience cupping where the shingles curl upwards or clawing where they are flat but the middle parts start to come up.

These problems are signs that the tiles are wearing out. In addition, those tiles might crack or weaken as those shingles start to change.

On a related note, sometimes the materials on the shingles might start to wear out. This occurs as some of these shingles start to weaken and their components shed. This means that the backing materials might wear out and cause your tiles to fall off.

  • The shingles might also be a little too old.

The ages of your shingles are important to review. A typical roof can last for about twenty years on average. The odds of your roof being worn out or at risk of further damages will be greater when the shingles on your roof are a little older.

  • Water damage may be a real concern.

Water damage in your attic can be a sign of your roof needing to be repaired. Water damage occurs as your roof starts to leak. You might notice a few bits of light here and there around the spots where leaks are coming about.

Sometimes the water damage might be dangerous. This might entail the wood starting to weaken. The mold may also develop in some of the worst cases. The odors might also be a real issue. These are points that must be fixed soon to go along with getting your roof replaced.

  • Moss or algae can be found in the roof tiles.

Moss and algae can be rather unappealing. The worst part is that some roofing tiles can resist these features. Many people order their roofing materials with their appearances in mind but they never seem to order options that can resist moss and algae.

You should not try to scrape off the moss or algae on your own. This might result in your surface weakening as moss and algae start to spread into more spots. These issues can create breathing hazards too. Rather, you should instead get someone to help you with installing a new roof.

Bleach and water may be used by a professional to help clean off the area that needs to be replaced too. Zinc strips may also be applied during the installation process to create a space that resists such materials.

  • Your roof could also start to sag.

The last sign to watch for is that your roof might start to sag down. Sagging spots can be noticed here and there around the roof as it starts to wear out. The structure of your attic might be at risk if there are sagging spots. Therefore, these spots must be fixed sooner so any problems that are troubling can be managed right. Sometimes added support under the roof is needed but in most cases, a series of new tiles and an added membrane may be included.

Get a Proper Repair Ready

It is always a good idea to look at how a proper repair might work. You must look carefully at the age, quality, and stability of your roof when getting it repaired.

It also helps to look at the shingles that are being installed. Make sure the shingles you order are capable of resisting mold and can fit along with the body of your roof. This is to create a protected structure that stands out with a better look all the way around.

Remember to watch for how well a good roof can be prepared. Contact us for help if you need a new roof on your house for any purpose but make sure you get help for it as soon as possible.

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