How to Burglar Proof Your Home Windows

How to Improve the Security of Your Windows

Windows and patios offer a unique challenge to home security. All a burglar should do; is to lift them or easily force them open. If there are within 40 inches of the door lock, they can allow the burglar to open the door from the outside. The first step in ensuring vigilance is always to close your windows.

Lock the windows even when you’re out of the house for small periods.  Your windows have a 23% chance of being used as an entry point. To actively maintain vigilance consider improving the current security of the windows through installing security features such as locks.

Reinforced Glass

One idea is to consider reinforced glass window installation. Toughen, or tempered glass undergoes further thermal and chemical treatment to make it more secure than traditional glass. It is highly effective in promoting security since it is harder to break than regular glass. The cost of replacing tradition glass is not expensive.

Laminated Glass

This glass will endure forced entry since it’s shatterproof. It consists of a layer of polyvinyl butyral sandwiched between two layers of glass. To gain entry, the burglar would need a pickle ax like, tool with a sharp tip. The only way to compromise it to hit the same spot continuously, even then gaining entry is still difficult.


Polycarbonate (pc) is a transparent material engineered for toughness. It is 250 times harder than safety glass and one of the most practical solutions for securing your window and patio.

The polycarbonate panel will fit your window perfectly and resemble glass from afar. Unlike using steel bars, you can escape through the window in case of an emergency. However, it may be a source of BPA if it encounters food. There are several brands of PC like Makrolon® by Bayer MaterialScience or Lexan® by SABIC.


Most homeowners have a misconception about bars. That bars are dangerous to install and will limit the chances escaping during emergencies.

Bars come in three types. Permanent bars fixed are not removable and are firmly anchored in the structure. Swing-away bars are the choice when you need a quick exit in an emergency. They are hinged and can be added to your current window frame. There also allow the use of padlocks.

The third type of bar is the removable bar. You can install them at night and remove them during the day. However, know that 66% of all burglaries happen from 6.00 am to 6 pm.

Bars also make your home look like a hard target, and most burglars love easy challenges. The average time they spend inside the house is only 5 minutes.

Installing the Bars

Professionals from Town & Country Roofing can handle this task efficiently and guarantee the safety of your home. Installing a security camera is another deterrent towards thieves.

A rotting window or patio frame is a safety hazard and point of vulnerability. Consider having a professional look at it and recommend repair measures. All these services and more are available at Town & Country Roofing in Dallas and Fort Worth, TX area.

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