DO UV Rays Impact Your Roof?

How Does UV Radiation Impact Your Roof?

One of the more common reasons for a roof replacement is damage from ultraviolet or UV rays. The UV radiation that the sun produces can become a problem to your roof. These concerns will cause your roof to become weak after a while. Some preventative measures can help when it comes to the materials you use, but you would have to note what works well and how the roof can take in those rays.

Impacting Chemical Structures

The chemical structures in your roofing shingles are dense and distinct. Some polymers and composites may go into an asphalt tile. Slate tiles and other stone materials also have dense chemical structures that UV rays can alter and warp.

As oxygen from the UV rays enters the tiles, the compound will mix in with hydrocarbons and other materials. The excess oxygen can cause the shingles to break apart and weaken.

Protective Coating Wears Out Too

The protective materials on the roofing surface may also weaken. An oily coating or another composite may go on top and wear out. The UV rays will cause these features to break down. The shingles will no longer be protected.

Expansion and Contraction

One thing about the sun’s UV rays you need to note involves how they can cause some tiles to become warm. The tiles will become hot and then cold later on when the sun goes down. The tiles will keep expanding and contracting as the temperatures keep changing. The threat is concerning, as it can cause the roof structure to wear out and break down.

Could Your Gutters Be At Risk?

There’s also a potential that the gutters around your home could be at risk of harm from UV rays. The roof’s structure can weaken due to the expansion and contraction of tiles. As the structure shifts, the gutters and other features could become detached. The damage can make it easier for your home to take in water damage. The wear could occur even if the gutters haven’t come off the body. The gutters could still be loose to where they won’t take in water as well as possible.

Can You Prevent the Issue?

It is often a challenge to prevent these problems from occurring. While trees can produce a shade over your roof, the leaves and other debris could fall on the roof, thus making the protection meaningless.

However, a metal roof will not be hurt by UV rays as much as something else. Traditional roof tiles with added granules may also help in protecting them from UV damage. The designs you use should be noted based on what fits and is right for use on your property.

The sun’s UV rays can make it harder for you to keep your roof secure. You can ask us at Town and Country Roofing for assistance with your roof if you ever have any concerns about how well it works and if it can be handled well enough where you are.

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