Signs of Hail Damage Without Getting on the Roof

Finding Roof Hail Damage Without Seeing It

Sometimes you can determine hail damage without getting on the roof.  At some point, you’ll have to check it, but that’s a good time to call the pros. When that time comes, a hail storm damage restoration expert from Town and Country Roofing will review the area. From there we can make a proper diagnosis.

***For the Do It Yourselfers***

It’s not always as easy as it looks to get on your roof by yourself. You could put yourself at risk of harm, not to mention you might further damage your roof. The good news is that there are a few things you can do to check for hail damage without looking at your roof tiles. Please contact us if you experience any concerns after checking your home with these tips.

Check Your HVAC System

Your air conditioning unit might suggest there’s an issue with your roof. The condenser coil on your AC unit will feature a few fins that support the mechanism. These fins will receive exposure to outside threats. Hail can cause these fins to become dented and bent. Sometimes the granules from your roof tiles might slide off of the house. Those items can land on the fins or under them.

You should ensure you turn off the AC unit before you check everything. The work includes disconnecting the material from everything to ensure nothing starts up when you’re checking on what you have.


The gutters, downspouts, and other features that redirect water from your home may also develop dents from hail particles. Some of these dents are easy to spot. Others might require you to run chalk along the gutter. You can tell there are dents when the chalk isn’t showing up, or you experience some ruts or bumps when moving the chalk.

You also have to note if there are any granules or particles in your gutters. These might have come off due to hail falling all around the roof.

Check Recent Weather Reports

You might not be at home when hail hits. You need to see what the weather reports were in your area as of late. Some notes can give you information on how intense the hail was, or how long a storm lasted. You can piece together details to see that hail came along your property.

Check Around the Home

The last tip to use is to check around your home. Some of the granules and other features around your roof might shed off near the foundation. All those bits can spread around and become tough to figure out. You’d have to look very carefully as you check, as the granules can be rather small and tough to figure out.

Ask us at Town and Country Roofing for help if your roof ever experiences damage from a hail storm. You can also ask us to inspect your roof if you see any of the above signs suggesting that there might be hail damage to your roof. We can confirm the issue and figure out what is suitable. We want to ensure you have no roof damage after hail comes around.

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