Factors that Affect the Price of Roof Replacement

Are you in need of a new roof? Chances are you already called several roofing companies to ask for their prices. Then you try to figure out why they have different estimates for roof replacement in Frisco, TX.

There are various factors that affect the cost of a new roof. Whiles contractors might have different rates, they base the price on the same factors that include the roof size, pitch or slope, new roofing material, and the contractor’s roof access, just to name a few.

Size of the Roof

Roofing contractors will measure the square footage of the roof accurately and divide the number by 100. The result is what they call roofing square. One roofing square is equivalent to 100 square feet. It should be noted that most roofing materials are sold by roofing square and not square foot.

Slope or Pitch

The slope or pitch is another important factor that affects the price of new roofing. If the roof is too steep, it will be hard for the roofers to walk on it and needs more staging and labor to get the job done in a safe manner. The slope of the roof will also determine the type of underlayment system required for the project. That’s why it is one of the major factors considered in the pricing of a roofing job.

Type of Roofing Material

Another major factor that affects the price of the project is the roofing material. It plays an important role in the aesthetic design, durability, and longevity of the roof. The cheapest material on the market today is asphalt composition shingles. Middle range materials include clay and concrete tiles. The most expensive roofing materials are traditional slate, metal roofing, and wood shake.

Roof Access

The ability to lay the material on the roof plays an important role in the pricing for new roofing projects. Difficult access will require more labor and equipment to demolish the old roof, bring up the roofing materials, and install the new roof system. The easier the access and the less time required to do the job, the cheaper the cost of the new roofing project.


The Frisco roofing contractor will also factor in the procurement of the roofing permit for the project. The permit will ensure that the new roof complies with the building codes, as well as the safety standards. And if you sell your house in the future, you have proof that the renovations made to the roof have the proper permits.

Additional Work

If you are going to tear off your existing roof, there will be an extra charge for labor and disposal. There are instances in which the material below the roof needs to be replaced as well. Homes that have skylights or air conditioning units will need more materials and labor.

These are the factors that affect the price of new roofing. If you have any questions about a roofing estimate in Frisco, TX, contact us. We will be more than happy to answer your inquiries about our roofing services.

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