The Most Durable Roofs

The right roof protects the house from all kinds of weather, with minimum maintenance. It is also durable, and the parts must fit firmly to each other. The roof must be attractive and complement the design and color of your home.

Different roofing styles match the description of the perfect architectural structure, however, selecting the right type of roof can be harder than most people imagine.

The primary roof types used for small building and homes are the hip, gable, shed and flat styles. Preferred roofing styles vary depending on the country and region. Some styles popular in North America include the mansard roof, gambrel roof, and Dutch hip roof.

If you are in need of new roof installation or replacement, consider the different roof types below for your home.


Gambrel Roof

Gambrel RoofThe roof has a triangular shape, and it is one of the most modern roofs types. It is also known as peaked or the pitched roof. Some benefits of the roof are; it shades snow and water efficiently, provides space for an attic and allows for proper ventilation. It is a simple design and cheaper than some intricate designs.

However, the roof can pose a challenge in areas prone to hurricanes and high winds. If it is not securely fastened to the frames, the roof might collapse. The wind can also cause the peeling of the roof materials and can cause it to detach from the wall. The types of gable roof include the crossed, side, front, and Dutch gable roof.


Hip Roof

This roof slopes on all sides. The slops have an equal overhanging, giving the roof a low slopping look. The sides are of equal length and join at the top forming a ridge. The hip roofs have more stability than the gable roofs. The inward slope on all sides is what makes the roof durable and firm.

There are perfect for both snowy and high wind areas. The slanting of the roof allows the snow to slide off. The roof can also provide an extra living space for a crow’s nest or a dormer. However, the hip roof is a more sophisticated design, expensive and requires more materials.

The roof requires proper maintenance and construction to prevent small problems from turning into major issues. Types of hip roofs include simple hip, which is the most common kind and the crossed hipped roof.


Mansard Roof

mansard roofIt is a four-sided roof that has a double slope meeting on each side forming a pitched roof. The lower slope is sharper than the upper slope. Depending on the style the insides can either be curved or flat. The roof can help to create an extra living space.

The roof type is ideal for people who would love to make future home additions. When first building a home, you can use the design to save money. The roof becomes expensive with more details and embellishments.

You can select the type of roof you want according to your needs. The durability of the roof mainly depends on the kind of roofing material you use. The kind of roofs that may provide longevity and strength are steel, aluminum, clay, slate and the thirty-year asphalt, for more roof selections contact Town and Country Roofing.

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