How Does Condensation Build On a Roof? (and How to Reduce It)

How Does Condensation Build On a Roof? (and How to Reduce It)

One thing we’ve noticed on roofs over the years is that they often develop lots of condensation. A roof can wear out if there’s too much condensation. But, the good news is, you can control how much condensation develops around your roof. You won’t be able to mitigate the risk altogether, but it is possible to keep it from being as much of a burden as you might expect.

Moisture Issue

Condensation builds on a roof due to excess moisture. Heated air from inside the house will rise up towards the roof. The warm air will meet the cold air on the outside. The quick cooling produces condensation.

You might notice condensation in many forms, including when you take out a cold drink, and it is left out for a while. The same principle will occur on your roof.

The most substantial problem is that it is impossible to prevent condensation from developing. There will always be some form of moisture coming. The excess moisture can weaken the roof structure after a while, thus facilitating a need to repair or replace the roof. But it would take years for the covering to collect enough moisture to where a fix or replacement is necessary.

Vents Are Essential

You can keep the condensation on your roof from being a threat if you look at how you’re planning your vents. A roof needs enough vents to allow air to move through and to keep it from sticking around for too long. You can get new vents installed around many parts of your roof, including near the corners.

Add Insulation

Another idea for reducing the moisture around the roof is to add insulation to your roof. The insulation can work around the inside part of the roof. The added insulation regulates the temperature around the roof while preventing warm air from being likely to leave the house. The protection allows your HVAC system to work a little longer, not to mention your utility bills may drop.

Install a Vapor Barrier

A vapor barrier may go on your roof to reduce the threat of condensation. A barrier features a polyethylene body and will prevent water vapor from passing through your home. The design prevents moisture from building up around the insulation, wood, or other things inside the covering. It shouldn’t be hard to install this feature at your home, but you should ask a professional for assistance. The barrier has to go around the entire roof and work around any potential openings to prevent it from being a threat.

Let the Frisco Roofing Experts Help

You can ask us at Town and Country Roofing to assist you with your roofing needs. We can help you with setting up a roof installation that will keep condensation from being as dramatic as a threat as you’d expect. You can ask us about getting anything new ready for your roof to enhance its design and make everything look more outstanding. We want to see that your roof looks its best and can handle all that moisture.

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