How Hurricanes and Bad Weather Impact Your Roof

The threat of a hurricane or other significant weather issue can be dangerous to your home. Even if much of your home is built to withstand the intense rain and wind conditions that accompany a hurricane, your roof may still be harmed. There are many ways how a hurricane can hurt your roof from the tiles all the way to the inside part of your home.

Wind Damage Is a Threat

The strong winds from a hurricane can entail speeds of a hundred miles per hour or greater. Wind damage can cause shingles to come apart from your roof. Sometimes the bolts or staples used to keep your roof together might be forced out due to all that wind, but this point is more likely to develop in windier conditions or if your roof is a little older. The fasteners around your roof might wear out after a while and be hard to utilize.

Added Stress from Leaves and Branches

Trees can often break apart and blow away due to the intense winds produced by a hurricane. Add branches and leaves from trees might blow onto your roof and add more weight. Sometimes those items will cause shingles to break apart from all that extra physical force caused by some branches. Even worse, a larger log or another surface might bash into the roof and cause a dent or other serious kind of damage.

Intense Rainfall

The strong rainfall produced by a hurricane will not only add weight to your roof but also keep the gutters attached to it from staying intact. There is a chance that the added weight on your gutters will cause the ends of the roof to break apart and wear out.

The rainfall itself may also cause leaks in your roof. This is particularly the case for older roofs that might be at a greater risk of damage.

Exposed Underbody

The wind in a space may also cause the underbody of your roof to be exposed. In this case, the main surface that your tiles or shingles go onto will be clearly visible. This could cause the insulation or other features inside your home to be damaged. The threat might be intense depending on what happens in a space.

What About the Rating?

The shingles on your roof might be rated based on how many years they can last for. Shingles that are rated for thirty years or more typically do better in windy conditions, particularly in tornadoes or hurricanes. But even those types of shingles might still be harmed if the weather pattern is intense. Review the overall rating on your shingles to get an idea of what might come about within your surface.

Hurricanes can be extremely threatening to your roof. Make sure you check on how your roof looks and if it is stable after a hurricane or other major weather system gets into your area. You will need to get any damages that were produced fixed up as soon as possible before any further problems can get in the way.


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