Benefits of Having a Professional Roof Inspection to Assess Storm Damage

The damages that your home’s roof might have experienced at a storm could be very dangerous. The worst part is that you might not be fully aware of all the damages that might have come into your space. A professional roof inspection can help you to find damages that you might not be fully aware of. Your inspector can let you know whether you need a total roof replacement or just a repair.

Analyze the Stability

An inspection will start by looking at the stability of your roof. This includes a review of the supports around the roof and if they have buckled or are favoring certain positions. The stability should be checked if there has been an intense amount of rain, snow or ice on the surface or if a tree branch or other large solid body got in the way of your property.

Review the Shingles

All the shingles around your roof can be reviewed by an inspector. These can be analyzed based on both how strong they are and if they have broken down or fallen off the base of your roof. A full check can help with seeing if those shingles are going to break apart and possibly make it harder for your roof to stay strong.

Look for Leaks

Sometimes the leaks around your roof might not be noticeable until the next big storm. A professional can review openings around the roof to see what spots need to be patched up. These include spaces that might be near the corners of your roof or in any spots where certain joints or bends might connect with each other. It is easy for these spots to open and become hard to manage over time.

Look at the Insulation

The insulation around a surface should be checked just as well. The insulation might be harmed as the body of the roof is exposed following a storm. Your inspection team can assist you with seeing when any kinds of damages have impacted the insulation and made things potentially worse. The insulation would have to be monitored to see that it is covered well enough regardless of whether you use fiberglass, foam or any other compound.

Get Insurance Claims Handled Well

It might be easier for any insurance claims you wish to file to be supported by someone who can review your roof appropriately. Such claims will help you with analyzing how well repairs need to be managed and what you can get out of the process. The inspection team can contact your insurance company and get the paperwork taken care of so the repairs you need can be covered and may start up soon. The detailed report that an inspector provides will particularly give you an easier time with handling your money thanks to how the details on what must be done will be clearer.

You must get a clear idea of what is happening with your roof, so you keep the damages to your property from being worse. Get in touch with a professional roof inspector as soon as possible if your roof has experienced storm damage.

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