How to Know Whether to Repair, Patch or Replace Your Roof

How to Know Whether to Repair, Patch or Replace Your Roof

There are often when you might need to get your entire roof replaced. But you might only have to get the entire thing replaced at times. There are cases where you might just have to repair your roof or get a patch applied. You must know how to tell when you need to get your roof fixed up in some fashion.


  • Get your roof repaired if you notice any issues where water is not moving downward as well as it should. The odds are there might be a minor obstruction in the middle of your roof.
  • Repairs may work if there are slight dents on your roof, but they are not too intense. These include dents where the shingles are not coming apart but might still be improperly aligned.
  • Repairs are best when your roof has gone through something like a few branches from trees landing on it or from hail possibly getting around and causing a few bends. The impacts from those items should not be strong like what might happen if a larger part of a tree falls on it.


  • You can get a small part of your roof patched up if you are dealing with just one leaking spot on your roof.
  • A patch can also be applied around spots where shingles might have blown off or worn out but the other shingles in a spot are fully intact and healthy. The patch may keep the impacted area covered while eliminating the problem that caused the shingles to wear out.


  • Get your roof replaced if there is a significant amount of moisture damage to your roof. This could be a sign that the leaks in a roof are spreading around.
  • A replacement is needed if your roof is at least fifteen or twenty years of age. The odds are you might be able to get more efficient roofing materials applied to your roof to replace old ones that are starting to wear out.
  • You must get your roof replaced if you want to ensure all the shingles on your space are consistent and uniform.
  • Replace your roof if you need a new gutter system. It might be easier to get new gutter installed if the entire roof is removed alongside the old system.
  • You will need to get your roof replaced if the shingles appear to be curling or cracking apart. This is especially if these problems are prevalent throughout the entire roof.
  • Any cases where an excess amount of light is getting into your attic or other space under your roof might require you to get the roof replaced altogether. This could be a sign of the roof starting to wear out and possibly be at risk of breaking apart if not taken care of soon.

Take a careful look at your roof when getting it fixed up or even replaced. Watch for how it might look and if it has been impacted by anything difficult or problematic. The key is to get the issue fixed up as soon as possible.


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