Understand this Before Installing Solar Panels

Know This Before Installing Rooftop Solar Panels

Adding solar panels on the top of your roof is one of the best ideas for you to consider when aiming to make your home more functional. Your solar panels will help you to cut down on your energy bills while ensuring your property uses more renewable energy. But you must also look at what you’re doing when trying to install these panels on your roof.

Review Your Roof

You need to ensure that your roof is stable enough to handle your solar panels. You might need to get your roof inspected to see if it needs to be repaired or replaced before you get those new solar panels installed.

Weight Capacity

Solar panels can be hundreds of pounds in weight. The cells and the frame involved can be difficult for some homes to handle. You must look at how well your roof can deal with the weight that you will apply.

Check the Roof Shape

You need to ensure your roof is shaped well to where your solar panels can take in energy at a certain angle. This includes ensuring that the sun’s rays can activate more parts of a panel.

Your solar panels should also be facing the southern end of the sky, so they will take in more light. Your roof should be laid out where the southern end can take in enough light. Your panels may also work if you place them around the western end of your home, although that might not always be effective depending on your roofs layout.

Check the Drainage

The solar panel frames should not obstruct your roof’s ability to get rain to fall off accordingly. Design your solar panel layout to allow rain to flow off of the roof and into the proper drainage system.

Review the Connections

Your solar panels will have to connect to a battery or other source on the side of your house. The connections that you use from the panels to that space should be analyzed based on how well these features can link up to your area. Make sure your layout will not get in the way of your drainage efforts.

See How Well You Can Maintain Them

You will need to ensure that you keep the solar panels clear so they can take in the sun’s rays. This might require you to get around your roof and clean off the panels on occasion. You should review the terms associated with your solar panels and how well they are to be maintained so you won’t be surprised over the requirements you have for taking care of them.

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