Should I Patch, Repair, or Replace My Roof?

Repair, Patch, or Replace Your Roof

Your roof will require some form of maintenance at some point. The question is what form of maintenance you will require. There are three particular options you can consider. You must look at these points based on how well your roof is handling water and how the layout of your roof appears based on the damage if found.


To start, you should look at when you’re going to patch your roof. It may be good enough to patch your roof if space is new and if the damages around the space are minimal. It would be fine to patch a single tile spot or two if necessary.

Patching can also work for cases where the other tiles around your roof aren’t experiencing damages. Any case where there are loads of tiles around the space curling up or wearing out might be a sign that you need to do a little something extra for your space.


You can repair your roof if space has not experienced much damage for any reason. This includes cases where the tiles are wearing out but the underlying spaces around the roof are not wearing out. In particular, the roof should not be at risk of wearing out.

You may also need to get a repair if you notice only a single spot that is experiencing trouble. This might include one segment of the roof depending on how well space is arranged and how water is moving through. You can talk with a roofing company about getting help with whatever is working on your roof.

The type of damage around your roof should also be considered. You could work with a simple replacement if you are bearing with a tree branch that fell on a roof, for instance.


You will need to replace your roof altogether if your roof is too old. Any roof that is at least twenty years old should be replaced with newer materials as soon as possible.

You should also replace your roof if you notice water damage inside your home. This includes the development of brown spots around the ceiling or paints peeling off near your attic. These are signs that water is spreading around because your roof is unable to keep rain from entering the home. Getting a new roof is the best thing to do at this point.

A replacement should also take place if your roof has gone through a major disaster. This may include something like a tornado or tropical pattern that moved through your property. The old roof may be too unstable after a major event, thus requiring you to get an extra bit of help with getting a new roofing surface added at your space.

You must look carefully at how well your roof is operating and that you know when you need to get it replaced, patched, or repaired. You can contact a professional roofing company in Frisco, TX for additional details on what needs to be done for your space if you need extra help.

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