What’s The Lifespan of a Roof?

How Long Does An Average Roofing Surface Last?

A common roofing question is, “how long does a roof lasts”? Of course, like many things, there are a lot of determining factors. For example, the intense North Texas weather conditions. A roof is likely to last less time in North Texas than in a climate with less harsh summers.

However, there’s no real standard as to how long a roof can last, especially since there are many variables that will come into play. But you might expect most to last decades after you install them.

The Rule of Thumb

The general rule for roofing tiles is that they can last for at least 20 years. The total is based on the underlayment system around your roof. You might have to replace that system after about 20 to 30 years of use. Sometimes the existing tiles may be preserved if they are strong enough. But in other cases, they might be removed if they appear weak or worn.

Sturdy Materials Make the Difference

Roofing materials that can handle many conditions. The strong backing allows the tile to stay intact for at least 20 to 30 years. Some of the best tiles might last for 50 years, although the weather conditions have to be ideal for that to happen.

Watch For Particles

The key consideration for your shingles is that they might last longer if the particles are strong enough. The particles that appear on top can resist many conditions, but they may also wear due to some concerns:

  • Intense sunlight may be a threat. The ultraviolet rays from the sun can weaken some tile structures.
  • Shade may not help all that much either. The trees that produce shade might shed leaves and wear out the tiles. The cool conditions may also support the production of mold.
  • Hail and other severe weather conditions can cause dents in the tiles. They will break apart and may fall off of the roof.
  • Excess rain may weaken some tiles after a while. You’ll start to notice granules flowing in your gutters. The problem is worse when tropical systems occur. These systems can make your property harder to maintain.

Those particles and other features can break off and weaken your roof. You’d have to look at the weather conditions and sunlight around your property to see what works.

A roof can last for years, but you have to watch for how the tiles work. Today’s tiles are pretty strong and resilient, but the underlayment and weather conditions where you are can be problems. You can ask the Frisco Roofing Experts for further support if you have any other roofing concerns.

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