Preparing For Hail Storm Season In North Texas

Getting Ready For Hail Storm Season In North Texas

You don’t want to risk your home in North Texas experiencing damage from a hail storm. You have to be prepared for the season, especially since it is often impossible for you to predict when hail will arrive. We at Town and Country Roofing want to help you by identifying a few ideas for preparing for the upcoming hail season. These ideas are vital for protecting your property and in ensuring nothing will be at risk of further harm during this time of year.

Trim Your Trees Near Your Home

Start by trimming the trees that are the closest to your home. Hail particles can cause some parts of your trees to break off. Small branches might land on your home and damage the siding or roof. You must trim these parts as soon as possible, especially if your tree has some weak parts that are cracking apart.

Be aware of any other features near your home that might be harmed by hailstones. You have to keep those items from being near your roof and siding.

Keep An Eye On Windows & Glass Doors

You’ll need to protect whatever glass features are near your roof. These include windows close to your roof or even ones built within the roof. You might need to get a cover for the window during the hail storm season. Hailstones could shatter the glass and allows rain to enter your home. Be sure a protective cover sturdy enough to handle rain and hail works over your property.

Don’t use wood or other items to board up your windows. The hailstones might break through those parts. The wood could also fall into your home.

Repair Any Existing Problems

Take a look at how well your roof looks and if there are any vulnerabilities where you are. You have to get those fixed soon, as hail can cause such damage to become worse. A minor issue can become dramatic if hail gets in the way and wrecks things. You can ask us at Town and Country Roofing about fixing your roof and restoring anything that might have worn out.

Clean Out Your Gutters

You’ll need to clear out the gutters around your roof. Hailstones can damage gutters that are already weak. The threat can cause flooding to develop, which is a concern given that rain always accompanies a hailstorm.

Check on how well your gutters work and that they are clear. Water should flow well through your gutters. Be sure to replace any gutters that have dents or impurities that are keeping them from being functional.

Have Hail Damage? Call the Frisco Hail Damage Repair Pros

Ask us at Town and Country Roofing for more information on hail storm damage repair and replacement services. We’re available to repair and replace your roof as necessary, but we want to ensure your roof is secure and not be at risk of harm during the season.

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