5 Signs You Need Home Window Replacement

5 Signs You Need To Replace Your Home Windows

You can contact us at Town and Country Roofing if you need to get your windows replaced around your home. But do you know when you need to replace those windows? Here are five things to consider when figuring out if you should get new windows.

  1. Drafts are coming in through your windows

Your windows should keep wind and drafts from entering your home. But your windows can break down to where drafts will come through. You can tell drafts are entering your home when you hear a slight whistling sound coming through when it’s windy outside.

Feel the frame and see if it’s cool. You can also test the frame to see if it shakes by a bit. These are signs that drafts are coming in through the windows.

     2. You’re starting to notice changes in your energy bills

Are you spending more money than necessary on your energy bills? You might be spending more due to your windows not working well. Your old windows could be letting in outside air and forcing your HVAC system to stay online. All that energy can cause your energy bills to rise.

Check on how your energy bills are changing. Have you seen any spikes in how much they are worth? If so, that means you might be using more energy than necessary.

     3. Your windows aren’t operating as well as you wish.

Sometimes it might be tough for you to operate your windows. You might have to add an extra bit of pressure to close and lock something. A window might get off of its level. You may also hear some squealing sounds whenever the window opens, and even then it might be a sign that the window isn’t opening and closing right. You need to replace your window if it’s not working properly, especially if you need extra effort to close and open it well.

    4. Condensation is building up.

Your windows should seal your home and protect it from excess heat or cold conditions. But that insulating power will wear out after a while. You can tell your windows are wearing out if you notice condensation.

Condensation appears when warm air from one end meets the cold surface on the glass. Condensation can occur on occasion, but it can be a problem if it keeps showing up too often. The issue becomes worse if you start to notice frost during the winter season.

Even well-built windows can develop condensation. You must replace your window if it keeps bearing with condensation.

   5. The frames are wearing

You may also see the frames around your windows wearing out. A bad frame could allow air to enter your home. Mold can also build in some pockets. Mold can be tough to clean out, not to mention it could also cause breathing issues.

You can ask us at Town and Country Roofing to help with your windows if you notice these threats. You should replace those windows as soon as possible to prevent further damage from developing.

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