Getting Rid of Moss, Lichen, and Algae

It might be difficult for you to see all the moss, algae, lichen, and other stuff that can build up around your roof. But you must observe, as these growths can ruin the quality of your roof. You can ask us at Town and Country Roofing if you need extra help with keeping your roof safe and protected from any unusual or challenging to maintain growths.

What Are These Things?

The three growths that can build up around your roof and cause leaks are all dangerous:

  1. Moss is a flowerless plant that can grow in moist environments.
  2. Lichen is a fungus noted for its flat appearance. The compound builds up around many surfaces.
  3. Algae feature a thicker body, although it does not feature any roots, stems, or leaves.

Why Do They Grow?

Three factors can influence how well moss and other items can grow on your roof:

  1. Your roof will collect moisture from rain and snow. The humidity in the DFW area can be a hassle as well. The roof surface will become damp and moist, thus producing a surface where moss can grow.
  2. Shade from nearby trees can cause moss to overgrow. The moss grows best in cold conditions.
  3. Leaves and other bits of organic debris left by trees and other items can also contribute to the growth of moss and lichen.

The Great Risk

The risk of having moss and other things on your roof shingles can be dramatic:

  • Many of these growths can create breathing hazards. The small spores from moss and lichen can get in anyone’s airways and trigger breathing issues.
  • The moss can spread overtime to weaken the seals around your roofing tiles. Your tiles could be at an elevated risk of falling off.
  • Growths can also get into your gutters and the added weight could harm the gutters. The obstructions could also keep water from flowing through as well as usual.

How to Get Rid of These Growths

The good news is that it is not overly difficult to get moss off your roof:

  • An appropriate solution of bleach and water can kill off any growth.
  • Any gutters that have been impacted can be scraped or cleaned out with the best treatment possible.
  • The cleaning process should be as gentle as possible. Avoid using power washers that might force the moss around and tear up the roof tiles if not handled properly.

Get The Moss Off the Roof

The best part is that you don’t have to take care of these tasks on your own. You can reach us at Town and Country Roofing to help you with getting moss, and other growths cleaned out from your roof in the Metroplex area.

We will ensure that your roof is cared for well and that everything is cleaned out as soon as possible. Your roof will look better, and you can breathe a little easier.

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