Making Yearly Flashing Updates

Your Flashings Need New Caulk Every Year!

The flashings around your roof are critical to the safety of your home. Flashings can appear around your vent pipes, chimney, skylight windows, and anything else that might look around your house. They will keep water from entering your home.

But, you need to ensure the roof flashings are supported well to prevent moisture from coming in. Regular caulking is necessary to ensure your flashings stay protected.

Why Every Year?

You need to get new caulk materials for your roof every year due to the natural elements impacting your roof. The heat, humidity, hail, wind, and precipitation that come along your roof throughout the year can wear out everything all around. Your flashing is no exception. 

You’ll need to ensure you avoid flashing issues. We can provide you with a thorough process that entails reviewing the flashing and fixing anything wrong with it. Seeing how your flashing will wear out over time, it will help to clean out anything that might cause future issues.

What Goes Into the Process?

There are many steps involved with ensuring the new caulk will work on your property:

  1. A careful inspection of your flashings is necessary at the start. A review will identify any places where holes or gaps can appear. The old flashing could have worn out might require new flashing materials.
  2. Remove the old caulk materials from your roof. A putty knife or other compound may work. Remove Every bit of the old caulk.
  3. A new caulk material will go along the flashing. The key is to fill all the gaps.
  4. The excellent news about caulk is that it can cure even when wet and is flexible enough to go through many holes, including small ones formed by nails.
  5. Smooth out with a putty knife. The caulk doesn’t have to look outstanding. It only needs to get the job done.
  6. Check the vent collars and pipes around your home next. New caulk or rubber materials can go around these areas

Final Thoughts

There is always a chance that the caulk around your roof can become brittle and worn. You can ask us for help with all your caulk and roof needs. We’ll treat your roof right. Our goal is to ensure your roof will not be at risk of leaks or other problems triggered by poorly-functioning caulk.

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