How Roof Nailing Works

How the Nailing For a New Roof Works

The roof repair or replacement process will entail a series of adding nails to the roof. In most cases, four nails will help with keeping an asphalt tile intact. Six nails may work in some instances as well.

But how is the nailing process going to work? Let’s look at a few things that we at Town & Country Roofing can handle when the nailing effort works. We will ensure that you keep your roof intact by handling the right materials as necessary.

How Many Nails?

Notice the number and type of nails on each tile or shingle. While four nails should be good enough, you might also need six nails for some. Extra nails are for cases where you’re in a spot that is prone to high wind conditions. The extra pair of nails ensures your roofing tiles will be secured well enough.

Straight Driving

The angles for the nails must be measured. While many tiles are at an angle, organize the nails at the same angle. The goal is to keep the nails straight alongside the rest of the tile so the nails will not be likely to come out on their own.

Proper Penetration

The nails need to be long enough to penetrate the wood deck below. The nails should be about three-quarters of an inch for them to work. The length provides enough room for the nails to move into the wood supports without going deep to where they protrude through the attic. A slightly longer nail may also work, although that would only be for deeper roofs or cases where the winds can become too intensive.

Review the Nailing Line

One thing we notice on roof tiles entails the nailing line. The line is a layer of sealing material that will bond with another row of shingles. Your nails have to be below the edge without going inside or above it. The nails must go through the nailing line without producing a surface where wind could pick up underneath and possibly hurt the surface.

Do the Nails Need Replacing?

Most smart roofers use stainless steel nails to keep the nails from wearing out. The goal is to ensure the nails will stay healthy without worrying about them rusting or becoming loose.

Not On the Sealant Strip

The nails cannot go through the sealant strip on the shingles. The piece helps with keeping the content under control without being hard to manage. The shingle might be unable to handle the flow of water if mishandled. 

Need Roofing Help?

You can reach us at Town & Country Roofing for help with getting your roof installed well enough.  We want to ensure you’ve got the help you need for keeping your roof looking attractive and functional.

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