How Can Trees Damage Your Roof?

Tree Damage to Roof

You’ll need to ensure that your home’s roof is free from obstructions when making the place look its best. We at Town and Country Roofing encourage you to review how well the trees are growing near your home and that they are not going to get in the way of your roof. Your trees can threaten the quality of your roof and could cause any possible damages to your space to become worse.

Watch For Branches

Any branches or other parts of a tree that could get in contact with your roof can cause the shingles to wear out after a while. The fatigue can cause the shingles to wear out and weaken. The result could cause leaks and breakages around your place depending on what happens. Your roof tiles are fragile, so you’ll need to keep those branches out of the way.

Review the Shade

The shade produced by trees might help with keeping your home fresh, but that shade can be dangerous depending on where it is located. Moss can grow in shady areas around your roof. The excess shade can cause moss to grow, thus making it easier for your shingles to break apart or wear out. The lifespan of your roof could be significantly reduced depending on the amount of shade at a time.

Threats to Your Gutters

There are often when the leaves from your trees can land in your gutters. It could hurt the rest of your roof after a while. The excess leaves will build up and eventually add weight to your gutters, thus causing them to wear out. The underbodies of the roof tiles near the gutters can become exposed and be susceptible to possible damages. These include losses from the tiles loosening around the place.

Also, there is a risk of water flowing down your home’s siding if the gutters are clogged. It could cause mold to develop, which in turn can move towards your roof after a while. Keeping the gutters cleaned up well is critical for ensuring your place is healthy and not at risk of harm.

The Threat of a Falling Tree

The most significant risk of a tree to your roof is that a tree that is not sturdy could fall onto your home. The excessive weight of the tree can damage the entire body of your roof. Your tiles will come apart, and the underlying body could be at risk of harm. A falling tree could require you to replace your roof well before the appropriate time for a replacement might occur. This problem is in addition to the threats that might come about in your home due to the impact involved.

Be sure you review the trees around your property and that you don’t have them getting in the way of your roof. You can reach us at Town and Country Roofing if you need assistance with any concerns surrounding the quality of your roof, particularly when you need help with any repairs for damages caused by trees where you are.

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